Sunday 18 September 2011

Step On Memories

I came across Step On Memories a while ago now, while I was in one of my curious moods and wanted to seek out bands from a different country. Step On Memories are a hardcore band from Vicenza in Italy, and since I wans't too familiar with the Italian hardcore scene, I decided to check them out.

After many listens to their brand hardcore on Facebook, I decided to pop some question over to the guys. Here's what they had to say:-

Tell us a bit about Step On Memories and how you formed?

Hi James!
First of all we want to thank you for the interview and for giving us space.
We decided to set up the band on December 2008, some of us already knew each others since years but we all met during the concerts organized by Free Mosh Team here in Vicenza, our city. After six months of intense rehearsing we recorded a three-songs demo and consequently started playing live as much as possible. After one year of live concerts we decided to dedicate ourself to our first five-tracks EP “Lasting Values” that is released by Indeed Records! on October 2010.

What are your influnces, musically or otherwise?

Each of us has different music tastes and so this is reflected in the composition and on the overall sound of the band. I can tell you that we try to mix everything we like and make a mix that includes all the influences and tastes of each member.

What have you guys got planned for the rest of this year? Is there a possibility of you guys coming to the UK?

We are currently composing the songs that will be included in our next CD and at the same time we are trying to organize an European tour in October. It would be absolutely great to come and play in UK but unfortunately we are trying to play in countries closer to Italy. Maybe in the future…

What is the hardcore scene like in Italy at the moment?

In Italy at the moment people who organize underground shows are very few and most of the time they do it just for true passion. The audience is not very active with the local bands and they tend to support only the foreign bands.
At concerts you can often see the same 40/50 old familiar faces. This encourages the bands to organize abroad tours, hoping that the proposal music will be more accepted.
You guys have recently played on Atticus tour. How did that come about?

Romu (friend of us and owner of Flipout Skate Shop) follows the band as an active partner almost from the beginning. He suggested to the official distributor of Atticus to add Step On Memories in the roster of Italian bands followed by the brand. They accepted to follow us so they included us in “Atticus Tour”.

You guys have already played a lot of live shows this year. What reaction have you been getting and what has been the highlight so far?

Playing live is absolutely the best part of having a band and if you do it with your heart, people become aware of that and the satisfaction arrives consequently also thanks to the audience feedback during the shows.
Until now the best moment ever was during the Moshpit Show in Trieste, on the border between Italy and Slovania. It was one of the most beautiful concerts both performance and audience, the best one in Italy at this time.

What kind of media attention have you had up to now?

Actually our gender of music doesn’t pass on the radio or on TV so you have to gain the media attention playing live constantly and spitting blood on stage. We shot a videoclip of our song “More than memories” but it was more our personal satisfaction that a promotional choice.

What bands should we listen to from your local scene?
Our city (Vicenza) is quite small but offers a very interesting music scene. We’d like to bring your attention to:
and Whales and Aurora (

I've posted the video the band did for their song "More Than Memories" for you to check out.

Make sure you check out Step On Memories on both their Facebook page at and on their Myspace page at Also, check out the other bands on the links the band mentioned above. 

If yoy want to order the bands record "Lasting Values", you can contact the band via Myspace and it's also available through iTunes.

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