Saturday 3 September 2011

Paul Allen's Demise - Tailgating A Funeral

Paul Allen's Demise hail from the mighty Boston, Massachusetts Home of some of the most influential hardcore scene's the US has to offer, as well as the metalcore heavyweights such as Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. They play crust/grind influenced hardcore with a sense of humour.

So to their debut album, Tailgating A Funeral. Well, it starts with a short, sharp song filled with brutal crunching riffs which are to become a trademark of PAD throughout the records. When the band hit their stride shortly into their second track, it's all about the fast drumming and rabid screams, from vocalist Travis. PAD are also able to weave in melodic riffs to the tracks, to give their music a punkier edge. The music is chaotic in the way it's layered but organised enough for you to be able to breathe and take it in. The low/high pitched vocals bring to mind bands like Outbreak and New Mexican Disaster Squad, which is no bad thing. On some of their longer tracks, the bands crunching intros are reminiscent of those of Metallica, in their earlier classic albums.

The standout tracks for me are short, ode to Taco Bell, "Turd Sandwich" and also the second last song, "Hopes & Dreams", which almost reminds me of THAT SONG by Napalm Death. PAD to vary their style throughout, adding sludgy riffs and gang vocals into the mix, showing their love for crust punk/hardcore and adding a sense humour which is sometimes lacking in other bands of their ilk. For a debut album, I'd say Tailgating A Funeral is pretty strong. It should appeal to a good cross section of people and should see PAD gain a lot of followers.

Paul Allen's Demise have made the entire album available for free download on their Band Camp site, so there no excuse for you not to check it out. You can listen to album below.

You can also follow Paul Allen's Demise on their Facebook page at and on Myspace at

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