Sunday 4 September 2011

Juggsfest All-dayer - The Stereo, York

There's gonna be an all-day alternative music festival happening at The Stereo in York on the 24th of September. It's being organised by Ninth Legion Promotions to promote the diverse range of bands in York and the surrounding area.

You can check out the event on this Facebook page

The line-up is as follows:-

With One Last Breath -

You Cried Wolf -

Ramona -

We Sleep In This Machine -

Shot Down Stay Down -

Mitzi's Revenge -

Beneath The Scarr -

One Night Stand With Fate -

Atlas -

So check it out and if you're around the York area on the 24th of September, check it out and show your support. It'll be a great day for Yorkshire alternative music and hopefully it'll become an annual event.

1 comment:

  1. It deffinatly has become and annual event!
    Check out Juggsfest 2012!

    Thanks for putting this up on your site too!