Sunday 16 June 2024

Serling - Four O' Clock Premiere

There's a brand new release coming on Wednesday 19th June from Tomb Tree (alongside Fisher King Records and Soft Grit Recordings). It's a limited 12" lathe split featuring US math rock band Charger Port and mathcore compatriots Serling. Charger Port contribute three songs here with Serling's two tracks coming in between. I'm excited to be able to bring you an advance premiere of Serling's second track 'Four O' Clock'. Check out the song below:-

‘Four O’ Clock’ is filled with everything from grind, to noise rock and math-infused metal. The tone is low and the vocals have that almost manic spoken-word delivery that Chat Pile fans will be familiar with. 


1. Charger Port - The Enter Net

2. Serling - Two

3. Charger Port - A Flip Switched

4. Serling - Four O' Clock

5. Charger Port - Hey Is For Horse Is

I Don't Watch Sports Anymore comes on 25 black and 25 clear lathes, with inserts and custom handmade jackets from Josh of Vamonos Tapes. Check the promo flyers below:-

You'll be able to grab copies and stream the full split from the links below on Wednesday:-

Fisher King Records -

Tomb Tree -

Charger Port -

Serling -

Fisher King Records -

Soft Grit Recordings -

Tomb Tree -

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