Thursday 20 June 2024

Devil's Gateway - Promised Land / No Escape

Labels: Iron Corpse

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 03 May 2024


1. Promised Land

2. No Escape

After a day of work frustrations and a massively lacklustre performance from England at the Euros this evening, only something truly heavy will suffice. Finland's Devil's Gateway fulfils that need with their latest EP Promised Land / No Escape. Containing two songs and coming off the back of their September 2023 full-length Eternal Grind, it was released on tape through Iron Corpse Records alongside a digital release. It's well worth mentioning that this is the duo's third offering in just over twelve months. Productivity like that deserves much closer attention!

Crusty, hellish death/doom with tones of rawness is what’s on offer here. Devil’s Gateway sound just like their name on ‘Promised Land’. Dual-vocals, bass-heavy guitar, crashing cymbals and all manner of murk take you on a ride that goes deeper than you would have anticipated. The overriding sound is that of death/doom but the crust is there later on, adding extra dystopian gloom.

Second song ‘No Escape’ is even more dank and heavy, if that were possible! The sludgy bass threatens to drag it in a powerviolence-esque direction but instead Devil’s Gateway continue on their slow, downtempo trajectory. It’s absolutely perfect in it’s chaotic, distorted droning beauty. It’s a fine way to end this little EP and the yearning for what’s to come is real.

Once again Iron Corpse manages to help unearth another Finnish band that builds on the insanity that the country already delivers musically. I’m a massive fan of Finland’s heavy music community and If you’re reading this review, you probably will be too. If you’re new to it, dive right in. You won’t regret it.

You can stream and purchase the EP on both digital and limited tape formats from Devil's Gateway below:-

You can grab tape copies from Iron Corpse here too -

Devil's Gateway -

Iron Corpse -

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