Saturday 15 June 2024

Locktender - Sage: I

Labels: Self-Released/I.Corrupt Records

Formats: Digital/Vinyl

Release Date: 08 Mar 2024


1. Tomorrow Is Never

2. For The Wind To Tear

3. No Passing

Back in January (was it really that long ago!) I reviewed the debut release from Inosuke and following that write-up, guitarist/vocalist Jason wrote back to tell me about the brand new release from Locktender (whom he's also a member of). I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get round to this post. If you know Locktender then you'll be familiar with their self-proclaimed 'philosophercore'. To date Sage: I is self-released and the first of several inspired by surrealist painter Kay Sage. I.Corrupt Records will have a vinyl pressing of the EP available in the near-future too!.

Locktender has always been a band that has produced such beautifully cinematic post-rock/hardcore and after a six year wait, they’re back with a new release and concept. ‘Tomorrow Is Never’ begins in a vein that reminds of long-departed UK bands Voe and Mausoleion. Those comparisons only relate to the intro though as Locktender switch up a gear after a minute or so, taking you on a sludge/post-rock journey. It’s only at the mid three-minute mark that they hit full stride with the addition of bellowed screams and equally powerful instrumentation.

‘For The Wind To Tear’ gently floats along, with melody and music that builds throughout it’s short life-cycle. It’s quite sad when the song dissolves into near silence but there’s always a reason for suspense and Locktender use it perfectly as they lead into EP closer ‘No Passing’. After a week without wi-fi (gifting me the ability to fully switch off), it’s truly awe-inspiring to have this as the first music I listen to on my return. 

As ‘No Passing’ reaches the point of peak heaviness, the knowledge that this release is the first of many to come fills me with great joy. It’s crazy to think that Locktender has been a mainstay of the fertile screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock community for twelve years now. Here’s to many years to come. The added anticipation for the vinyl pressing from I. Corrupt Records will be well worth it too.

You can stream and purchase Sage: I as a name-your-price download from Locktender below:-

Locktender -

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