Friday 5 January 2024

Unaligned - Inner Dimensions

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 22 Apr 2022


1. Inner Dimensions

2. Transient Gate

3. Of Chaos

4. Kenopsia

5. Occhiolism

6. Void Wraith

I'm wrapping up the last few reviews that were already part of my schedule before 2024 rolled into town. I've got a good few new releases due a write-up but I'm not putting pressure on myself to jump straight in just yet. That's why tonight I'm giving the 2022 debut EP from US prog/tech death metallers Unaligned a proper spin. Unaligned is a duo made up of guitarist/bassist Taylor Tidwell (of Visitant and  Withered Throne) and Andrew Guia (of Withered Throne and Masticator (live)). For the recording of Inner Dimensions, they were joined by guest drummer Jack Blackburn (of Entheogen, Ringare and Skaphe amongst others). 

Five days into the new year and already it feels like it’s been five weeks. That’s probably why I don’t yet have it together and I why I’m still focusing on bands I’ve been meaning to write about for ages, like Florida’s Unaligned. Given the names of the suggested bands adorning the bottom of their Bandcamp page, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re awesomely brutal from the get go on title-track ‘Inner Dimensions’. Their death metal approach is made up of off-kilter progression and technical grandeur, all held together with percussive intelligence (even when the kicks are at warp-speed).

In keeping with their tech-death peers, Unaligned adorn their music with plenty of guitar melody. ‘Transient Gate’ makes use of that melody and instrumental prowess to match up to both the drums, and the gnarly vocals. The bass-guitar work also adds a jazz/blues element to the EP’s low end, which is pretty epic too. At this point in Inner Dimensions, I’m competing with my neighbour’s banal pop music volume-wise. ‘Of Chaos’ wins out though thanks to it’s ferocity and subtle slam, which persists alongside the full-bodied old-school tenacity of all band members here. It shows that experience counts for a lot, even if it’s a debut release.

‘Kenopsia’ is where the lower-register growls take hold, blending in some modern deathcore sensibilities without ever crossing that line for real. I do hear similarities to early Abigail Williams at times but I think that’s down to the orchestral keys added by Dale Urban (of Mortem Obscuram, Salem Burning and Dragoncorpse), as well as synth work from both Taylor Tidwell and Justin Curtis (of Worthy Of The Crown), whose work can be heard throughout.

Penultimate song ‘Occhiolism’ takes Unaligned’s sound back in a heavier direction again, with less orchestral flourishes. The pace of the percussion alongside the high-tempos delivered make it a standout on the EP as a whole, though it’s unfair to pick out just one on such a strong showing.  EP closer ‘Void Wraith’ provides one last rip-roaring blast of death metal from Unaligned, who have put together one hell of a debut release. Mature vocal/instrumental song-writing coupled with an assured delivery show Unaligned in the best light. For anybody who missed this release first time round (or the 2023 CD reissue), please allow yourself some time to indulge. You definitely won’t regret it.

You can purchase Inner Dimensions on CD and digitally from Unaligned below:-

Unaligned -

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