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People's Temple Project/Sleeper Wave - Split 12"

Labels: Akashita Corp/Dingleberry Records/IFB Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 01 Feb 2019


1. People's Temple Project - Intro

2. People's Temple Project - Seminar 1

3. People's Temple Project - Seminar 2

4. People's Temple Project - Interlude

5. People's Temple Project - Seminar 3

6. People's Temple Project - Seminar 4

7. People's Temple Project - Outro

8. Sleeper Wave - Shelf Life

9. Sleeper Wave - Coward

10. Sleeper Wave - Atrophy Through The Aperture

I'm going through a strange time right now. Things seem to be going really well in my day job and while I'm making the most of it, the blog has been slipping a bit. Press on I must though and it's time to jump back into the Zegema Beach Records roster, where I take time to look at the myriad of releases from the label. This evening's all about the 2019 split LP featuring People's Temple Project and Sleeper Wave. Both are from the US and have featured here before. Fun fact: aside from the Eight Feet Under comp LP that Sleeper Wave were on, this is the only other LP appearance by either band (please correct me if I'm wrong though!).

Ten songs in total, seven from People’s Temple Project and three from Sleeper Wave. PTP’s side begins with ‘Intro’, which is hypnotically suggestive, especially if you’ve paid close attention to the album’s cover art. ‘Seminar 1” follows instantly with raw yet melodic screamo that straddles the invisible line to emoviolence line but doesn’t completely cross it. 

‘Seminar 2” is slightly more stripped back to begin with, before it builds into a chaotic beast that gives no clue as to it’s near five-minute song length. It’s much more introspective in so much as it is quieter for larger passages. The guitar work is striking too but not in an immediate way, if that makes sense. The ‘Interlude’ just like the ‘Intro’ features a sample that’s (this time) heavily religious in tone. PTP took their name from the religious movement created by Jim Jones (if my memory is correct) and as somebody who is both fascinated by/opposed to organised religion, I find the aesthetic really interesting. 

Obviously I use the term “aesthetic’ loosely, as PTP are merely just being themsevles on this release. ‘Seminar 3’ takes on an exhilarating form straight away, reminding me of Refused at times throughout the song’s heavier more punk-influenced opening sixty seconds. What follows is a much gentler mid-section that morphs into something more chaotic as it reaches it’s close, only to lead you straight into ‘Seminar 4’ as if there was no break in the music. This time, there’s more math-rock going on alongside greater volume.

PTP’s overall sound seems to have evolved on this release and as the post-metal vibes of ‘Seminar 4’ guide you to their ‘Outro’, the final menacing sample plays out. There’s no time to dwell on it though as Sleeper Wave crashes straight over your wall with their opener ‘Shelf Life’. Sleeper Wave’s approach here is much more bluesy and jazz-like, with bursts of post-hardcore nestling perfectly alongside. 

Sleeper Wave are less about the instant hit, preferring to go longer but on ‘Coward’ they break out the hardcore to greater effect. It’s the most straight-to-your-face song on this entire LP, even when they retreat into experimental art-rock mid-way through. Their final and most grandiose song ‘Atrophy Through The Aperture’ blends upbeat punk/hardcore percussion with harsh vocals and off-kilter riffs, meaning that the listening experience is a bit all over the place (but in a good way). 

This split messes with my OCD a bit because I’m used to bands having an equal amount of songs per side; however, my personal opinion on that subject pales in comparison to the music that both People’s Temple Project and Sleeper Wave commit to this release. Both bands are equal yet individual and that makes this whole thing a much greater experience. Good luck finding a copy of this in the wild!

You can stream and purchase the full split LP digitally from People's Temple Project below:-

People's Temple Project -

Sleeper Wave -

I know that I wished you luck with finding a copy of this split for sale but as luck would have it, there are a couple of copies still available from the links below:-

Dingleberry Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Zegema Beach Records USA Store -

Akashita Corp -

Dingleberry Records -

IFB Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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