Wednesday 17 January 2024

Cerulean - Carrion Angel

Labels: I, Voidhanger Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 27 Oct 2023


1. Tower Of Silence

2. Sky Burial

3. Carrion Angel

4. Gnashing Of Teeth

5. Shroud Of Locusts

I had this down as my first "2024" release review until I realised that Cerulean had already self-released their newest EP digitally in October of last year. I decided to stick with it though, as I had so much fun listening to the blackened death/doom of Ethir Anduin on Sunday just gone. Cerulean, haling from the US, play a more progressive form of blackened death metal and it's that style that no doubt drew the attention of Italy's I, Voidhanger Records. A CD version of this EP is due to drop via the label on 26th of January. 

This EP is the first of a two-part EP release, which is due to conclude later this year. Carrion Angel opens with ‘Tower Of Silence’, which is an ambient intro piece that doesn’t give too much away in terms of Cerulean’s sound immediately. ‘Sky Burial’ gives the first proper glimpse into the musical mind of Cerulean and it’s one of extreme black/death metal tempered with experimental/progressive musicianship. I personally really enjoy the marriage between primal extremity and modern experimentation, so this suits me down to the ground.

This EP’s longest song is sandwiched in the middle here and benefits from greater musical expression, as there’s more playing time to fill. ‘Carrion Angel’ stretches for over six minutes and it’s where the comparisons to Deathspell Omega begin to truly seep through. It’s filled with avant-garde, jazz-like time signatures and instrumentation while not straying too far from more traditional metal elements, especially thanks to the vocals. It’s a truly spellbinding song.

What follows seems a lot more primitive initially (mainly due to it’s faster tempo) but ‘Gnashing Of Teeth’ is just Cerulean dialled up to the max in all departments. Their song-writing is what makes this entire EP sound as (dare I say it) catchy as it does. EP closer ‘Shroud Of Locusts’ follows where it’s predecessor left off, focusing more on utter intensity and jilted melody. The percussion here is off the charts while the rest of the band battles to keep up. At times chaotic but also groove-laden too.

Cerulean are ones to watch in 2024. They make the case for musical discovery and why it’s so important to embrace musical evolution. Joining forces with I, Voidhanger Records will only be a good thing. I just hope that more people are drawn in by what they hear. Excellent stuff!

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