Wednesday 4 January 2023

Morrow - The Quiet Earth

Labels: Alerta Antifascista Records/The Plague Of Man Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 24 Mar 2023


1. Rejoice This Quiet Earth

2. Totemic

3. To The Fold

4. Fugue Plague

5. Our Right In Rest

6. Of Sermons And Omens To Mend

Four days into the new year and it's high-time I wrote about a 2023 release. While The Quiet Earth was self-released by Morrow back in March 2022, it's due for a double LP release via Alerta Antifascista Records and The Plague Of Man Records this coming March. This album is the third release from the London, UK emo-crust/sludge band following 2016's Covenant Of Teeth and 2017's Fallow, and features guest appearances by vocalists from a whole host of bands including; Archivist, Drei Affen, His Hero Is Gone, Dimlaia, The Makai, Autach and so many more.

Morrow’s name may be known to a lot of you already, but if not then don’t worry because they will no doubt make waves this year thanks to quality of this release. Musically, their combination of emo, crust, d-beat and sludge, coupled with the addition of strings and different vocalists, hits you straight away on ‘Rejoice This Quiet Earth’. After that blistering opener, ‘Totemic’ builds at a slower rate with a bigger post-metal/sludge feel. That’s no surprise given that it’s the first of two songs to reach past the ten minute mark. The multi-vocal approach employed by Morrow and their guests is one that breeds depth into the album and is way more dramatic than it might first seem. Another element that makes this song so immersive is the melody that’s woven into it. At times it’s folk-like, providing an organic layer to the music even when it’s surrounded by dissonance and heaviness. 

Morrow’s sound becomes even more haunting and grandiose on ‘To The Fold’, as the percussive tempo slows snd the riffs become more metallic before hardcore takes over, presenting an old-school side to the band. This album is utterly brilliant so far and I can see why it took them almost five years to finely craft it. ’Fugue Plague’ is filled with so many different vocalists that it’s hard to keep up but it’s such a rewarding song because of them. Again, the tempo doesn’t let up throughout and there’s such a great togetherness between all contributors. People who don’t understand the underground metal/punk communities don’t see just that, the community and friendship between people who share a bond through the music. A bond that’s exhibited on this album more than anywhere.

Penultimate song ‘Our Right In Rest’ is filled with ambience and calming instrumentation that leads you into album closer ‘Of Sermons And Omens To Mend’, which provides one more opportunity to lose yourself in Morrow’s beautifully crafted music. Irrespective of what camp you sit in, whether you’re a metal/punk purist or somebody who appreciates experimentation and the blurred lines it creates, it’s hard to ignore how good The Quiet Earth is. Here’s to an outstanding year for Morrow and for music in general!

You can stream and purchase The Quiet Earth directly from Morrow digitally below:-

Morrow -

Tape copies from last year are long sold out; however, pre-orders from the LP pressing are now live from the below stores:-

Alerta Antifascista Records -

The Plague Of Man Records -

Alerta Antifascista Records -

The Plague Of Man Records -

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