Monday 23 January 2023

Lurking - Self-Induced Hysteria Demo

Labels: Everlasting Spew Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 15 Apr 2022


1. Visions Of Certain Death

2. Self-Induced Hysteria

January's been a bit of a strange one and it's felt more like I've been winding back up to a more consistent pace, blog post-wise anyway. If I can post more than last year I'll happy. That's where this evening's review comes in, as it moves me past last January's number of reviews. It may be a short release, but Self-Induced Hysteria by International death metal act Lurking is perfectly formed. Having been the trio's first demo, it was released via Everlasting Spew Records last April on both tape and digital formats, promising to be a strong nod to old-school death metal. The retro cover art certainly does that claim no harm at all!.

Lurking is a simple power-trio but one that smashes it both technically and sensitively, in old-school death metal terms at least. Demo opener ‘Visions Of Certain Death’ is a rip-roaring song filled with blasts, deep growls, razor sharp riffs and stirring dual-guitar melodies. Laden with hints of thrash, there’s a lot to enjoy.

The demo’s title song ‘Self-Induced Hysteria’ sounds massive right from the off. It’s hard to believe that this is indeed Lurking’s first release, as it’s grandiosity and assured delivery takes hold. Plenty of low-end heft is on show here due to the bass and percussion, while the addition of menacing melodies from the guitars provide something up top that competes with the vocals; bringing the whole release up a notch or ten.

As demos go, two songs simply aren’t enough here. Lurking sound so mature musically. All three members have spent time in a number of bands, including Ars Veneficium, Ulvdalir, Drama and more besides. Let this be the start of something special.

You can stream and purchase the demo digitally below:-

Physical tape copies (of which only four remain) can be purchased from Everlasting Spew below:-

Lurking -

Everlasting Spew Records -

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