Thursday 19 January 2023

Dust Prophet - One Last Look Upon The Sky

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 27 Jan 2023


1. A Storm Of Time & Space Part 1

2. When The Axe Falls

3. Dear Mrs. Budd

4. Put To The Question

5. Song 4

6. The High Capital

7. A Storm Of Time & Space Part 2

8. Hourglass

9. Bury Me Before Noon

This is my first proper 2023 release review, it's almost the end of the working week for me and doom seems like the only way to usher in Friday. One Last Look Upon The Sky is US doom/stoner band Dust Prophet's debut album, which will officially be released on 27 January. Reading the press release that accompanied this record, it cites the likes of Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Clutch amongst the band's influences, so it should be a good listen. 

Beginning with the gentle intro of ‘A Storm Of Time & Space Part 1’, you kind of wonder what’s in store on Dust Prophet’s debut full-length and after a brief pause you’re greeted with the low-end heft of ‘When The Axe Falls’. The vocals immediately come to the fore in almost theatrical style, while the percussion, bass and guitars plow a furrow underneath, in a groovy yet subtly mournful way.

If you like your stoner/doom with a bit more driving grit, then ‘Dear Mrs. Budd is for you. The instrumentation hits right from the off and the mix of clean, and harsh vocals works really well here. Getting lost in the music and forgetting to move (or in my case write coherent words) is entirely possible. It sounds like there are some organ/moog-type tones on ‘Put To The Question’, which makes complete sense. They’ve been adding cosy and soothing tones to stoner/doom albums ever since Black Sabbath et al started the sub-genres, if not before. The song itself of another punchy, urgent number as well.

It leads to ‘Song 4’, which begins in completely the opposite fashion and moves in gnarly psychedelic circles, mainly due to the lead-guitar work used early on. This is the point where I wish I had more red wine! It’s an instrumental song that guides you to the album’s second half and it’s brilliant. Another good thing about Dust Prophet is their ability to make longer songs, like ‘Song 4’ and ‘The High Capital’ that follows, sound truly engrossing. The latter sees Otto Kinzel IV’s vocals reappear in bullish fashion.

‘A Storm Of Time & Space Part 2’ is another beautifully delivered instrumental that leads you into the album’s final two songs, beginning with ‘Hourglass’, which is somewhat subdued. It’s still got a lot of groove but following on from some of the album’s heavier songs, it doesn’t bite quite as much. Closer ‘Bury Me Before Noon’  is one final blistering stoner/doom hymn with a nod to the occult. It’s the heaviest song here in terms of harsh vox and it’s loud/long duration makes it the perfect reminder that Dust Prophet aren’t here to mess around. 

All round this album is really good. It’s still raw in places given that it’s Dust Prophet’s debut but there’s plenty of reasons to enjoy and immerse yourself in it. There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of personality and theatre into your music, especially if the latter’s done in the right way. Dust Prophet have done and it works. 

As mentioned above, One Last Look Upon The Sky won't be officially released until 27 January; however, you can stream four of the album's songs below and pre-order the album/merch too:-

Dust Prophet -

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