Friday 4 November 2022

The Owl - A Trip Inside The Museum

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 26 Apr 2022


1. The Repurposing Of A Cerebral Purging

2. The Morning After A Psychedelic Experience

3. The Asylum For Augmenting Thought

It have been far too long since I last featured any musical creations by The Owl here, which is completely my fault. I have dabbled in noise/ambient music before and The Owl has always been one such project that's held my attention, but the ever increasing push/pull of life and my overflowing inbox have meant that I've taken my eye off the ball. That was until I saw the cover of A Trip Inside The Museum. It's psychedelic imagery layer over the top of what look like brain scans had me intrigued.

This three song release pays homage to a fellow noise/experimental project that goes by the name of The Museum Of Viral Memory. The Owl contributed two songs to the project that were reimagined with the help of a symphony orchestra, which both feature in their original form here alongside a remix of a track originally by The Museum Of Viral Memory themselves. I know very little about the latter but I know what The Owl is capable of, so without further ado let's dive in.

First up, ‘The Repurposing Of A Cerebral Purging’ is as weird as The Owl describes it to be in the accompanying bandcamp notes. Looping, oddly rhythmic glitchy noises that become more hypnotising and unnerving as they go. The alterations between the different passages here are what makes it such an interesting listen for me, even though musically it’s harsh. I don’t feel that these words can do full justice to this thirteen minute song; however, I’ve always respected The Owl hugely as a musician and the creativity on show throughout all of the project’s releases (of which there are many now) stands out.

Second song ‘The Morning After A Psychedelic Experience’ is a much more low-key affair, featuring what sounds like field recordings of nature interspersed with more weird noises. A lot gentler in approach with the harsh noise dialled down, it shows a more sensitive/ambient side to The Owl. It’s the perfect backdrop for a nocturnal walk through forests or over moors. The accompanying spoken word sample adds extra mystique to the song as well.

The Owl’s final song here is called ‘The Asylum For Augmenting Thought’ and is a remix of the song ‘Refuge’ by The Museum Of Viral Memory. If any of you have checked out The Owl’s previous remixes, like the Oathbreaker ‘Ease Me’ or Aubzagl ‘Eilifa Kuldinn’ ones, you’ll know that you’re in for a journey. Most people think of remixes as digitally stitched together, beat-matched tracks but The Owl replaces those techniques with images that move from their brain to the recording, in turn creating collages of sound that sit perfectly alongside the orchestral sounds of The Museum Of Viral Memory.

This release is adventurous and enjoyable. If you’re only just finding your feet in the realm of abstract, noisy, experimental music, there’s plenty for you to take in here. It’s a really creative body of work and it must have struck a chord because my neighbours appear to be howling like wolves in appreciation/competitiveness  (delete as applicable), or maybe because they’re drunk.

You can stream and purchase A Trip Inside The Museum as a name-your-price download below:-

The Owl -

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