Thursday 17 November 2022

Liquid Shit - Untold Horrors

Labels: Dry Cough Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 06 May 2022


1. Beyond Reproach

2. Riddled With Lesions

3. Empty Gesture

4. Death Absolute

My latest Dry Cough Records purchase, Crypt Rot's An Ancient Summoning tape, arrived yesterday; however, I want to talk about the Liquid Shit tape Untold Horrors this evening. Liquid Shit is a death/doom/hardcore band from London that features former members of Dead Sea Fucking Scrolls, Cutting Pink With Knives, Navajo Code and many more from the UK's grind/hardcore community. Untold Horrors follows their 2020 EP Pillars Of Shit, which was released via Hominid Sounds.

In keeping with the current influx of death metal-leaning hardcore bands, Liquid Shit add themselves notably to the list with Untold Horrors. EP opener ‘Beyond Reproach’ has a sound unlike any other so far, where low growls are coupled with equally low and hypnotic hardcore riffs, drenched in noise and nerve-racking percussion. The one thing that I didn’t mention in the opener salvo was the dirty bass guitar sound. It’s prominent during ‘Riddled With Lesions’ and leads you into a slow, groovy song filled with sludge influences and psychedelic lead work. There’s also a saxophone present but it’s not overly audible amongst the noise.

‘Empty Gesture’ contains some epically piercing feedback that throws you into another song filled with claustrophobic, lumbering hardcore. The repeating riffs are utterly brilliant throughout and the noise levels on the recording remind me of the dread filled tones of the likes of November Coming Fire, Cholera and Sea Bastard. I read a tweet from the US heavy noise-rock band Whores earlier today extolling the talent in the UK scene. Hearing this EP adds to the excitement (if I’m allowed to say that!). EP closer ‘Death Absolute’ induces the same feeling as a psychological horror movie. It’s mostly instrumental with heaps of groove and noise. The vocals are used sparingly but enough to make their own final impact. 

Four songs that seem to zip by, with an infectious sound. Dry Cough’s output keeps getting better and Liquid Shit hit the spot in a way that’s unexpected yet really engrossing. Cracking stuff!

You can stream Untold Horrors and purchase the band's last remaining tape copies, or a digital download below:-

You can also buy tape copies from Dry Cough Records here:-

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