Wednesday 30 November 2022

60659-c - The Next Part Is A Blur

Labels: Adorno Records/Contrition Recordings/Polar Summer/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 15 Aug 2017


1. I Was Awake

2. Convenient

3. Crowd

4. Everybody Out

5. For Expiring

6. Hold On, This Hurts

7. New Sincerity

8. The Floor

9. Which Will Never Reach You

10. Dissipating Like A Mirage

It's been an odd day today. Aside from the day job, I had a message from my friend Paul in Czechia to say the blog was down. I came home to find that over 3000 people had visited it during the day, which may have been the reason for the crash (I don't know!). Either way. it seems that normal service resumed a while ago so it's time for another ZBR roster review featuring Virginia, USA emoviolence band 60659-c. The Next Part Is A Blur contains the only songs from the band to date (or maybe ever, though there are no signs that they've ever called it a day) and was released in August 2017 digitally and on tape.

This album flies by fast so I’m not sure how descriptive this review is gonna be, but I guess we’ll find out. 60659-c come straight out of the blocks on The Next Part Is A Blur with opener ‘I Was Awake’, which is filled with all of the good parts of emoviolence including the high-pitched screams, the riffs and bold percussion. Ringing feedback is another notable feature and it’s alive, and present on ‘Convenient’. Now is it me or are some of those high-pitched screams reminiscent of Alien Ant Farm’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ cover (hopefully you’ll know the part I mean). 

There aren’t many songs on the album that pass the minute mark and ‘Crowd’ is one of three that doesn’t make it past thirty seconds, yet it has an oddly mid-paced feel to it. Maybe that’s just an illusion of sound though. ‘Everybody Out’ starts with an introspective intro and turns into one of the most melodic songs so far. That melody is a constant on the band’s more drawn out songs (if that’s a fair descriptor) and ‘For Expiring’ uses more of it alongside harsher and more emotive screams, and a slight hardcore influence as well. ‘Hold On, This Hurts’ is like some sort of bizarre nursery rhyme/wind-chime symphony that bursts into life during it’s final fifteen seconds or so. It’s a really creative song that has plenty of impact.

You’re snapped back to reality on ‘New Sincerity’ as any sort of twinkly melody and peace is shattered by 60659-c’s full-on approach. Granted, you’ve probably heard emoviolence that’s rawer than this, but bands do need a unique selling point at times and the ability to be musical, with a clearer recoding works here. ‘The Floor’ is another one where the riffs reign supreme and with the vocals and drumming sitting slightly deeper, you are dragged into the music even more.

Penultimate number ‘Which Will Never Reach You’ is here before you know it and it’s got that chunkier hardcore edge to it again, as well as some lovely bass tones during it’s second half. It leads nicely into ‘Dissipating Like A Mirage’, which is the only track to break the minute mark. At times it’s super fast and blasting, while at others it drifts in a state of calmness and introspection. A great way to end an album that may forever be the only uttering from 60659-c. If that is to be the case, then it’s certainly made it’s mark.

You can stream The Next Part Is A Blur and grab it as a name-your-price download below:-

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