Tuesday 30 November 2021

Fate's Hand - Fate's Hand EP

Labels: Dying Victims Productions

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 30 Jul 2021


1. Fate's Hand

2. Fascination

3. What's Been Will Be Again

4. When The Wolf Comes

Second week into two weeks of leave and I feel like I've been treading water a bit. I've got a small build up of content so let's get to it. First up, I wanted to write about something that's a bit more heavy metal leaning and I came across a promo for the debut EP from Australia's Fate's Hand in my inbox. It was released back in July via German label Dying Victims Productions on vinyl, cd and digitally. The quartet features members from the likes of Cauldron Black Ram, Mongrel's Cross and StarGazer to name a few. They play epic heavy metal crossed with a bit a speed as well.

I do have a yearning for some good old heavy metal now and then. Fate’s Hand straddle that line between hard rock and heavy metal, with obvious comparisons. The title track ‘Fate’s Hand’ is mid-paced for the most part, melodic and definitely epic. There are darker moments though, which point to the other projects the band members are in, adding to the quality of the song-writing and instrumentation for sure. The guitars are the main point of interest here, adding loads of heft and melody.

‘Fascination’ is more up-tempo in the percussion department at first, before Fate’s Hand settles back into a consistent and oddly hypnotic mid-tempo passage. That’s the formula used throughout the rest of the song, which doesn’t do it any harm whatsoever. The guitar soloing is clean and very impressive without being too showy, the bass bounces underneath while the vocals are full of the usual falsettos.

The EP’s latter half is filled with more urgency and a slight change in tone. ‘What’s Been Will Be Again’ eschews those higher pitched vocals from earlier, with lower ones taking over. The song seems more focused in part due to it’s shorter length. I may be guilty of over-analysing as usual, but that’s just me I guess. This is very solid heavy metal indeed.

Final song ‘When The Wolf Comes’ is another fine slab of old school heavy metal worship from Fate’s Hand. I went through a phase early on in my metal listening days, when I discovered power/fantasy metal and actually enjoyed it a lot. As I went down the more extreme rabbit hole, that enjoyment waned. I’m not saying that Fate’s Hand could be considered a power/fantasy metal band, but sometimes the lines blur. This is a strong debut release though from a band that’s very talented and true to their roots.

You can stream and purchase Fate's Hand on all formats below:-

You can also buy physical copies from Dying Victims Productions below:-


Fate's Hand - https://www.instagram.com/fates.hand/

Dying Victims Productions - https://www.facebook.com/dyingvictimsproductions


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