Sunday 21 November 2021

Devastating Light - I Have Already Failed You

Labels: Self-released/Depressive Illusions Records/Herrecords/Planet K Records

Formats: Digital/Tape/CD

Release Date: 09 Jan 2021


1. Part One

2. Part Two

3. Part Three

Tonight's review is a randomly picked one and it just so happens to be Finnish. Devastating Light is a post-metal/doom solo-band from Tampere (Finland) and I Have Already Failed You is the band's debut. It was seal-released digitally back in January alongside a tape version that came from Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine). Following that initial release came two CD pressings from Herrecords (Argentina) and Planet K Records (Italy) respectively, if Metal Archives is correct. An expanded version of this EP has since been release with an extra song, but for clarity I am reviewing the original three-track EP.

November has been quiet on the blog front though I am working on some things in the background and am plucking up the courage to do some interviews again (because the last few I’ve sent out remain unanswered, frustratingly). Moving on to the task in hand though and Devastating Light’s post-metal/doom sound on I Have Already Filled You is decidedly gloomy, yet musically very good, with solid production. ‘Part One’ is instrumental for much of it’s playing time and with that, you can expect all of the usual guitar and percussive elements, as well as some really nice piano. The vocals are harsh but not overused.

‘Part Two’ begins in a more pensive way than the EP’s opener. It’s tempo is on the slower side yet it’s quite hypnotic at the same time. Devastating Light utilises a lot of repetition within the songs here, but in terms of song-writing that approach works well. Nothing is overdone and the use of melody throughout is good. It’s the melodic parts that clinch it for me in fact, showing that there’s more to Devastating Light than just crushing, downtrodden heaviness. It’s creative but in a subtle way.

All three of the tracks on I Have Already Failed You are on the lengthier side, but EP closer ‘Part Three’ stretches out to over eleven minutes. It draws you in just as it’s predecessors have, but this time there is a sense of foreboding and dread looming over it. That sense looms throughout the song, weighing heavily on you. The melody is dialled down too, adding to that notion, while the latter half sees lonely guitar tones joined by an ambient background for a good two minutes, before the band lumbers back into life once more. 

I’ve heard a few debut release of late and this one is another surprisingly good one. I definitely think there’s a bit of a shift going on within the underground community, whereby bands and projects are seeking out better production and presentation. It’s definitely the case with Devastating Light. Great first release!

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