Tuesday 4 May 2021

On War - End and Means Demo

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2021


1. Definition

2. End and Means

How the hell did it get to May so quickly! I've got some serious catching up to do, but then again I always say that. I've decided to focus my first review of the month on a new band that's just starting out and I settled upon Slovakian solo thrash/death band On War. The band's debut demo was released in January via digital platforms and features two songs, which were influenced by the book 'Vom Kriege', which was written by Prussian general Carl von Clauswitz after the Napoleonic wars between 1816-1830 and discusses war, and military strategy. I'm sure there will be some historians amongst you who're familiar with his work. I'm not, but I'm eager to hear this all the same.

Even though listening to a new band sometimes feels like a voyage into the unknown, when you’re talking about metal and it’s sub-genres, there’s often a common ground. On War’s common ground is the incredible musicianship that comes out of nowhere. Demo opener ‘Definition’ features some truly awesome, grooving thrash guitars and percussion. The clean vocals have been put through some effects and as such they sound robotic/electronic in delivery, though the screams sound anything but. Jozzo’s growls are definitely real.

The demo’s title-track ‘End and Means’ is instantly enjoyable, in the same way that modern thrash/metal bands such as Unearth and Trivium are. I think it’s worth noting that Jozzo isn’t completely new to recording and performing, having been in Slovakian bands Feel A Curse, Embalmed and Desecrated Dreams as far back as 1996. I think that experience has really benefitted this new project.

End And Means comes and goes very quickly yet it’s infectious tones, both musical and vocally, make it so much fun to listen to. In spite of it’s harsh subject matter, there’s something really catchy about this release. Fingers crossed for more from On War in the near future.

You can stream and purchased End and Means as a name your price download below:-

On War - https://www.facebook.com/OnWarBand

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