Monday 10 May 2021

Dawn Ray'd - Wild Fire EP

Labels: Prosthetic Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 07 May 2021


1. Wild Fire I

2. Wild Fire II

I'm currently planning to delve into the white metal sub-genre (don't get that term confused with bands solely consisting of white musicians, because it's really about bands with pro-religious beliefs that play extreme metal). Black metal as we all know is about satanism (albeit comically sometimes) and anti-human sentiment, but there is a branch that over the last few years has become more prevalent and relevant within the community. Anti-fascist black metal is the sub-genre and UK trio Dawn Ray'd are one of its main proponents. Last week, they released a brand new EP in anticipation of their next full-length. Wild Fire features two different versions of the same song; one featuring the band's socially adept black metal, while the other strips things back, taking on their folkier form.

I did not expect this EP to begin with the sound of brass. It’s a rousing intro to ‘Wild Fire I’, which matches the melodic yet scathing tones that Dawn Ray’d have become known for. The tight and rhythmic percussion alongside the icy yet heartwarming guitar, provides the perfect backdrop for screams of conscience, the type that should resonate with each of us at this time and always. Dawn Ray’d have always been more traditionally led, with the use of strings especially. Their approach is no different here.

‘Wild Fire II’, as described above is an alternate version of the same song and one that focuses entirely on the band’s folk influences. It sounds very medieval initially until the acoustic guitar comes into view. From here, it once again becomes a rousing hymn of defiance and resistance, but in a different vein. One of my earliest introductions to protest music was The Levellers and while I appreciate that Dawn Ray’d is a very different entity musically, they still have that same depth of feeling. This song embodies that and the clean vocals that close it out are as vivid and clear in their message as they ever could be.

This EP is unapologetic in it’s stance and it’s willingness to defy boundaries. English music was built on the melodies and feelings expressed here, and Dawn Ray’d have lit a beacon that may herald a slight shift in sound, but not in their steadfast beliefs. 

You can purchase Wild Fire on both vinyl and digital formats below:-

Dawn Ray'd -

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