Sunday 30 May 2021

Bless The Dead - Overdue Lies EP

Labels: Sliptrick Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 26 Jan 2021


1. White Lies Dark Whiskey

2. Overdue

Today's meant to be hot and sunny, so I thought it'd be a good time to check out some new music with a southern metal/groove flavour before I head out later. This little two-song digital EP was released back in January by Bless The Dead from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), with the help of Sliptrick Records. Since forming back in 2013, they've released a self-titled EP in 2015, followed by another EP called Vulva in 2016 and then they came to the attention of Sliptrick Records, who helped them release their debut full-length The Boar's Nest in 2019. Bless The Dead were due to tour in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states last year but the pandemic put pay to that. With influences including Clutch, High On Fire and Sevendust, there's bound to be plenty to enjoy amongst these two songs.

In my late teens/early twenties, I’d spend many an hour listening to Pantera, Down, FFDP and others on road trips with mates. I’ve grown a little out of touch with the whole groove/southern metal sub-genre in recent years, owing to the fact that I just like lots of different varieties of metal, but I have to say that Bless The Dead are a nice surprise here. The opening song on Overdue Lies, ‘White Lies Dark Whiskey’, is a proper groove metal song. Instrumentally it’s heavy and rhythmic, as you’d expect. The semi-harsh vocals match the sound well and the solo towards the end is really well executed. Bless The Dead take their craft seriously instead of just merely copying their influences.

The thrash is strong on this release too, but it doesn’t overpower things on ‘Overdue’. It’s exhilarating when Bless The Dead hit full stride. The riffs, while familiar in delivery are really melodic and the whole song-writing effort from the band is excellent. I know there’s a bit of a stigma attached to bands of this ilk and indeed their fans, but there’s no need to overlook these guys. Comparisons aside, this EP is great fun and a really good listen, especially if you’re looking for an introduction to the band.

Overdue Lies is available via all major digital outlets and you can purchase the band's previous releases digitally via their website here -

Bless The Dead -

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