Sunday 18 April 2021

Fractal Generator - Macrocosmos

Labels: Everlasting Spew Records

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2021


1. Macrocosmos

2. Aeon

3. Serpentine

4. Contagion

5. Chaosphere

6. Shadows Of Infinity

7. Pendulum

8. Primordial

9. Ethereal

While I agonisingly wait for a package of records to come from Canada (that I hope isn't lost), It's quite apt that the next band plucked from my review schedule is also from the country. Unlike the records I'm waiting for though, Fractal Generator is a death metal trio of mysterious forms. The members don't reveal their true identities, instead their names are randomly chosen number selections. They've been plying their trade since 2008 and following a demo released that same year called The Cannibalism Of Objects, seven years would pass before their debut album Apotheosythesis was released in 2015, which was picked up by Italian extreme metal label Everlasting Spew Records and put to cd. In mid-January, through the same label, Fractal Generator released Macrocosmos on vinyl, cd and digitally.

Fractal Generator play a furiously speed-heavy version of death metal, with plenty of rhythm, big riffs and deep growls. The title track ‘Macrocosmos’ pretty much sets their stall out with frightening intensity, albeit with subtle melody appearing through the wall of noise. This is tech-death for the hardened extreme metal listener. It’s properly engrossing!

Whereas the opener was more of a straight-up barrage of death, ‘Aeon’ is more varied in it’s blasts and tempos, which break up their constant march of obliteration. FG’s sci-fi influences are close by here and while not as pronounced as those used by others in the genre, there’s a sense of something more than just brutal death metal going on here. 

It’s amazing how much instrumental variation and atmosphere FG manage to shoehorn into their music, though the song-lengths do allow for plenty of progression and on ’Serpentine’, that shows through when layers akin to breakdowns are added. They’re not the sort of band that makes obvious use of breakdowns or chuggy riffs, but they still have those elements in their arsenal. 

It’s probably expected now that every extreme band in 2021 will have a pandemic related song-title on their record and whether is was planned that way our not, ‘Contagion’ is the title that FG chose and its amongst the fastest and most brutal on Macrocosmos. It also clocks in at a running time of 4:20 too, so there’s that! Joking aside, it’s a solid song that shows exactly what FG are about.

The mid-point of the album is heralded by ‘Chaosphere’, with it’s subtle symphonic and orchestral touches, adding a more haunting atmosphere to the recording. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the recording and production, which was done by the band, is perfect for the album and the mixing/mastering of Stefano Morabito helps ensure that it’s clear, and that the volume is kept high. I find that some death metal albums like this sound thin and characterless once finished, but this one doesn’t.

The intro to ‘Shadows Of Infinity’ is downright disturbing. I’m not sure what the sounds used are supposed to represent but they sound like some kind of monster (maybe?) or just the ambient sounds of space, Either way, they’re perfect for generating atmosphere and what follows is probably the most complete song on the album in terms of melody and extremity. The metallic riffs make for a welcome listen, as do the glitchy interludes. Later on in the song it reverts back to being another driving slab of extremity.

With the shortest of silences, ‘Pendulum’ swings into earshot in very much the same vein, as it once again favours more traditional brutality over modern progression. The further you get into this record, the more it sucks you in. The sci-fi vocal effects used on penultimate song ‘Primordial’ are very effective, when used alongside the lead growls and there’s a darker tone to this song as a whole. Both black metal and grind influences are used more noticeably here, though they’ve been present throughout the record at subtle points.

Album closer ‘Ethereal’ rounds out the record with clinical, metallic tones and vivid layers of heaviness. The sci-fi vocals that sound robotic seem almost cult-like, while the music itself is slower tempo-wise, conveying something that’s altogether more menacing. There’s room for a lengthy guitar solo that shines more light on the musical virtuosity of Fractal Generator, as they lay their second full-length to rest.

Macrocosmos has been a great listen and one that’s engrossed me more than I expected. It’s been a journey. One that will appeal to fans of modern death metal and technicality of the highest order. My review may not fully do it justice and for that I apologise. If it doesn’t, then listen to the album for yourselves. Music is subjective but it’s also about experiences. This one has been wholly positive.

You can stream Macrocosmos and buy on cd or digitally from FG below:-

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