Wednesday 21 April 2021

Bleach Everything - Bound/Cured 7" Flexi

Labels: Dark Operative

Formats: 7" Flexi/Digital

Release Date: 29 Jan 2021


1. Bound

2. Cured

Once again I'm late to the party, which is my own fault entirely. This flexi disc was released via Dark Operative back in January and is unsurprisingly sold out from them already. This two-track release follows the Savage/Steamboat flexi that Bleach Everything released last year, which was also a special x-ray flexi disc version. The songs here represent the newest recordings since the band's 2019 split with Integrity. Don't expect this review to run long.

Bleach Everything has always been rooted in the darker/weirder end of hardcore and Bound/Cured is no different. ‘Bound’ is full of punk, from the rhythms to the guitars and the melodic gang vocals that make up it’s short ninety-seconds

‘Cured’ has more of a filthy bass-tone and shouted vocals, which go toe-to-toe with the faster tempo, at least for a little while before the closing bars take on a different direction, with those melodic vocals coming back in alongside a guitar solo and a sludgy/powerviolence-esque ending.

I said this wouldn’t run long and it doesn’t breach three minutes due to the format. That’s no big deal though and Bleach Everything knows this. Sometimes, dropping music little and often is more anticipation inducing than building listeners up for something bigger. Hopefully 2021 will herald a new full-length, but if it doesn’t, at least you’ve got new music to listen to right?

You can stream and purchase Bound/Cured digitally below:-

Bleach Everything -

As mentioned above, physical copies are sold out via Dark Operative but you can still buy copies from RevHQ here -

Dark Operative -

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