Sunday 21 March 2021

Old Selves - Two Minds

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 01 Jan 2021


1. Sonnet For Sorrow

2. Two Minds

3. Population

4. Lost

5. 444

6. Seat In The Hall

It's been quite a while since I've featured a band from Yorkshire here. When I started the blog back in 2010, my main aim at the time was to highlight bands from the county, though I didn't really know what I was doing back then. Anyway, this is (a late) write-up about the debut EP from York metal band Old Selves, which was release right at the beginning of 2021. The band has a UK tour planned in for July, so all being well things will be a bit more normal by then and they can get out in support of this release.

Two Minds begins with a dramatic intro song called ‘Sonnet For Sorrow’, which features orchestral instrumentation and a healthy dose of harsh roars. Instantly followed by the title-track ‘Two Minds’, Old Selves present modern metal that’s equal parts heavy, progressive and melodic. The percussion competes with the vocals higher up in the mix, while the guitars and bass nestle slightly lower during the verses but still provide melody and heft, especially when they’re allowed to breathe. The metallic riffs towards the end are well worth waiting for and provide a more menacing atmosphere, in a similar vein to modern doom/death and even metalcore from the like of As I Lay Dying in parts. Good first impressions so far!

Obviously, like every band, Old Selves have their personal influences and they’ve mentioned Trivium as being one in previous interviews and you can certainly hear that influence in the thrash metal instrumentation they employ on ‘Population’. It’s full of mid-paced groove and engrossing guitar work, especially during the closing solo, with it’s treble-filled picking. Next up is the short yet grand interlude ‘Lost’, which harnesses a sole guitar and tastefully played piano, which is an instrument they employ later on.

They use piano alongside clean vocals on penultimate song ‘444’. This song is a mix of glitchy (in places), off-kilter instrumentation alongside both roars and spoken-word vocals, which might remind some of bands like Hacktivist and While She Sleeps at times. It’s also the longest song on Two Minds, clocking in at just over six-minutes, showing the breadth of their song-writing, which isn’t overcomplicated and gets the job done. EP closer ’Seat In The Hall’ ends it all with proper rousing modern metal and a loverly introspective mid-section, which you don’t hear often. 

Overall, this is a really solid debut EP from Old Selves. They seem to know the sound they want to achieve even this early on and with the addition of more live shows, and the honing of their skills, future recordings will sound even more assured. 

Curiously, Old Selves have decided to not to allow streaming of the full EP via their bandcamp page; however, you can stream '444' below:-

It is available to stream via the usual sites as well.

Merch including t-shirts and cd copies are available via bandcamp as well.

Old Selves -

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