Friday 12 March 2021

Alloxylon - Flammeum I

Labels: Goatprayer Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 04 Dec 2020


1. Buried Beneath The Aged Stones

2. Straying Beyond The Physical Realm

3. The Forgotten Castles Of The Wicked

After waking up this morning and thinking (wishing) it was Saturday only to realise it was in fact Friday, I think I'm due some kind of reward for making it through another week. That reward comes in form of a nice tipple and some Australian black metal, courtesy of the faily new band Alloxylon. The band contains one member and Flammeum I was initially self-released digitally back in October 2020 before being picked up by UK label Goatprayer Records for a joint tape/digital release in December of the same year. Following an initial demo called Still And Sombre Death in 2019, Alloxylon released the second demo Under Moon And Star and then the Under Sun And Moon compilation (if Metal Archives is correct) earlier in 2020 prior to this three-tracker. 

A lot of raw and lo-fi black metal has come to the fore over the last couple of years, with bands like Pa Vesh En and Black Cilice being two much revered examples of the genre. Australia’s Alloxylon carries much of the same sound and feel, as ‘Buried Beneath The Aged Stones’ takes hold. It’s a murky and cold opener, which takes both the necro and symphonic elements of black metal, and puts them side by side with the piercing cries of the band’s sole protagonist to create something that’s really atmospheric actually. 

The opener is Alloxylon’s longest number on this demo and the urgency of second song ‘Straying Beyond The Physical Realm’ smashes any preconceptions about this being something along the lines of a DSBM release, which did cross my mind before pressing play. It’s definitely more of the driving, hellish variety with hints of thrash hidden within it’s depths. 

The demo’s final song ‘The Forgotten Castles Of The Wicked’ gives you one final blast of extremity, though it’s a reminder that even black metal of this intensity can still be musical, well performed and incredibly engrossing at the same time. Overall, this release is delivered in a way that makes you crave more. Alloxylon is a hidden gem and one that fanatics in the UK especially may not have heard were it not for Goatprayer Records. 

You can stream and purchase Flammeum I both digitally and on tape via Alloxylon's bandcamp page below:-

UK orders can be placed via Goatprayer Records here -

and here - .

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