Sunday 14 February 2021

Wanderlust - Promo 2021

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 13 Feb 2021


1. Burn Into Ashes

2. Time And Pressure

Things have been a little quiet this week on the writing front but I wanted to re-connect with my deep-dive into punk of all kinds. For this review I did nothing more scientific than heading over to Bandcamp, hitting the punk tag and checking out the newcomers section. Indonesian hardcore punk band Wanderlust was pretty much the first band I came to. They are a quartet that formed in 2016 in Tulungagung, East Java. So far, they've released a self-titled two song EP (2016) and a full-length called 'No Guts No Glory' (2018), which was released with the help of Hit And Burn Records and Samstrong Records. Their latest two-track promo was released just yesterday!

I love checking out punk from different countries/cultures and Wanderlust’s take on hardcore punk is a surprise. Their sound is really crisp with a mix of influences ranging from Agnostic Front/Youth Of Today to Foundation/Expire, with some Alice In Chains-style clean singing thrown in for good measure on ‘Burn Into Ashes’. The production is really strong and clear, and the instrumentation/vocals equally so.

Second song ‘Time And Pressure’ is more of the same with moshable tempos, gang vocals and heavy thrash/beatdown growls at times. Wanderlust’s creativity and skill has completely blown me away here and it just proves that taking a punt on something new more often than not pays off. 

Being only two tracks long, this promo does exactly what Wanderlust has set out to do, which is to give new and existing listeners something that they can get hooked on. It gives people a reason to check out their earlier material and a reason to get excited about hardcore again. Excellent! 

You can stream and purchase this promo digitally for $2 below:-

There's no sign of a physical version of this release yet, but after hearing it I'm sure somebody will jump on it!

Wanderlust - @wanderlusthardcore (Instagram)

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