Friday 5 February 2021

The Yearners - 2020 E.P.

Labels: Dirt Cult Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 26 May 2020


1. Give It To The Spirit

2. Red Aura

3. Left Unsaid

I've been yearning to write this review (sorry, I had to start it somewhere!). As I said during my A Culture Of Killing review last week, a deep dive into punk and it's sub-genres is very much needed and I'm edging up to that with this, the 2020 EP from US power-pop trio, which was released via Portland, Oregon (US) punk label Dirt Cult Records last year. The Yearners formed out of the ashes of previous band Hot Breath. There's not much more to tell about the band, as there's not a lot of history out there. This is their debut release, I think.

Power-pop isn’t a term I hear of very much outside of the punk sphere these days, which is actually fine. ‘Give It To The Spirit’ is a mix of catchy pop, garage and rock n roll. Three separate approaches that work so well together as one whole. Obviously, the three share the same DNA and it’s that, which flows through the music on this EP.

‘Red Aura’ is made of really excellent musicianship and a mix of nonchalant rock and pop filled with attitude (intentional or not). It’s on the lighter side of punk for sure but that’s fine, as The Yearners wouldn’t suit a more caustic sound, in my opinion.

The EP’s final song ‘Left Unsaid’ is one of vibrancy and volume, while also being hook-laden. It brings out the best in the band’s song-writing. Regarding the musicianship on this release, the guitars seem to dominate the recording but when the vocals kick in, they die down slightly and everything is more balanced. The percussion is a little deeper in the mix but works really well alongside the band’s other elements. 

The 2020 E.P. is short and sweet. It’s got a real soul to it and will get buried underneath your skin pretty easily. Here’s hoping for music from The Yearners. Music very much for the punk and the discerning music lover in equal measure.

You can stream and buy a digital download of the EP below:-

Tape copies are available from Dirt Cult Records here -

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