Friday 19 February 2021

Mortiferum/Hyperdontia - Split 7"

Labels: Carbonized Records/Me Saco Un Ojo Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 07 Dec 2020


1. Mortiferum - Abhorrent Genesis

2. Hyperdontia - Punctured Soul

This split 7" was one of most heavily talked about splits of the closing months of 2020, not least because it contained a song each from US death/doom band Mortiferum and Turkish/Danish death metal band Hyperdontia. It was released early December via both rising US label Carbonized Records and ever-growing UK label Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Both bands are helping to lead the charge of old-school death/doom metal from the last decade and into this one. 

Please excuse me for switching the bands around in the title. I always put the opening band at the start, irrespective of where the first letter of their name appears in the alphabet. Mortiferum’s take of death/doom here, ‘Abhorrent Genesis’, is a gloomy and dank take on the sub-genre with low growls, guitar/bass that sit very deep in the recording at times and percussion that takes the lead. It’s a hellish image that’s created here but one that’s not without it’s charm. Definitely leaning further towards the old-school.

Hyperdontia’s side of this split also presents a gloomy outlook, but with a bigger slice of groove. They are more technical and ‘Punctured Soul’ contains many tempo-changes and more pronouced melody, whereas Mortiferum ploughs a much deeper furrow. There’s a sort of controlled-chaos element to the instrumentation here, especially when the drums and guitars up the pace. The vocals again are low growls but are much more dominant within the mix. 

This is a filthy split release that single-handedly reflects the harsh slog that was 2020. Both Mortiferum and Hyperdontia very much have their own sounds and they deliver death/doom that’s as dark and terrifying as you’d expect. 

You can stream the respective tracks below via both Mortiferum's and Hyperdontia's bandcamp pages:-

Mortiferum -

Hyperdontia -

Tape copies of the split can be purchased from Carbonized Records here -

Carbonized Records -

Me Saco Un Ojo Records -

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