Friday 18 September 2020

Yusuke/Lori - Split 12"

Labels: Friendly Otter/La Agonia De Vivir/Off Cloud Nine/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 03 Nov 2014


1. Yusuke - If I Had A Quarter For Every Time Your Were Inconsistent

2. Yusuke - Petals And Thorns

3. Yusuke - Home Is Where The Heart Is, So Consider Me A Zombie

4. Lori - Le Taza Medio Llena

5. Lori - Cada Vez Que Te Levantes Antes De Las 6 AM

6. Lori - Coherencia

It's been a long day and one that's made me appreciate time away from people. It's not been a terribly productive week blog-wise but hey ho. This evening I want to try and keep with a promise I made to myself, which was to make my Zegema Beach Records reviews a weekly thing. With that in mind, I'm writing about the 12" split release between US band Yusuke and Peru's Lori, which was released back in November 2014. I know that Yusuke is no longer active but Lori still seems to be, so focusing some time on this split is still more than worth it to me.

Another reason I like writing this series of reviews is because it exposes me to bands I’ve never heard before and both Yusuke, and Lori count amongst those bands. Yusuke’s take on emo/screamo is beautiful but chaotic on opener ‘If I Had A Quarter For Every Time You Were Inconsistent’. A mix of spoken-word vox and torturous screams, dreamy melodic guitar and violent drumming.

‘Petal And Thorns’ presents itself with glorious orchestration and calming instrumentation, including what sounds like a Glockenspiel. It’s a fully instrumental piece that leads you into Yusuke’s final song here, ‘Home Is Where The Heart is, So Consider Me A Zombie’, which again plays on the band’s cinematic approach to emoviolence. At times hyperactive and at others reassuring. 

Lori’s sound on this split is equally as engaging, with ‘La Taza Medio Llena’ sounding really organic and raw but embodying what makes screamo great. The echo on the vocals, the promptness of the percussion and the treble-led riffs all deliver here.

‘Cada Vez Que Te Levantes Antes De Las 6 AM’ is a mid-paced bruiser of a song, moodily delivered with those harsh vocals and a nod to post-punk as well. It flows straight into their last song ‘Coherencia’ and in doing so reminds me of some of my favourites Japanese post-hardcore. It fascinates me how bands from different corners of the world can nail down a sound while still being unique and original, which is definitely case with Lori. 

Both Yusuke and Lori are so moreish (and before anybody asks, no I don’t count Crack as I disagree with hard drugs). The juxtaposition between violence and beauty is alive and plain to hear on this split. A short but brilliant release.

You can stream and purchase the split digitally via the link below:-

Physical copies are still available via the below links:-

Zegema Beach Records (CAD/INTL) -

Friendly Otter -

La Agonia De Vivir -

Off Cloud Nine -

Zegema Beach Records -

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