Friday 25 September 2020

Ascendency - Birth Of An Eternal Empire EP

Labels: Night Shroud Records/Iron Bonehead Productions

Formats: Tape/Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 17-Jul-20


1. Altered Beast

2. Culling The Weak

3. Tread The Path To Supreme Veneration

4. A Birth In Fire

The weather's turning and the seasons are changing, and so darkness begins to set in. Along with the gradual decline of the human race (through it's own idiocy in dealing with itself), extreme metal seems to be the only haven safe enough for those willing to escape from the outside. Tonight's soundtrack to implosion comes courtesy of Danish death/black duo Ascendency and their debut EP Birth Of An Eternal Empire. Released on limited tape via Night Shroud Records and on vinyl, cd and digital formats via Iron Bonehead Productions in July. 

As the wind and rain batters the outside of my abode, inside I am cloaked in the heretical warmth of Ascendency and their death/black metal onslaught. EP opener ‘Altered Beast’ is both hypnotic and frightening, as ugly death metal riffs smash up against the mighty low-end curated by both bass and drums, and rasping vocals conjure up images of the unholy inheriting the earth.

The more than aptly titled ‘Culling The Weak’ does exactly that. It rewards those who listen to it with attentive ears and smites those who are not worthy. Mesmerisingly epic heaviness with no let up throughout it’s seven+ minute entirety. The vocals, this time with the added echo effects create layers of sound that truly compliment the dissonant music that sits aside them. Add to that a sensitive touch of atmosphere and melody, and Ascendency will bury themselves within your black heart.

There’s a Middle-Eastern feel to the intro of ‘Tread The Path To Supreme Veneration’ that even the Kolkata Inner Order would be proud of. Even when the duo opens up shortly afterwards, it still retains that feeling thanks to the chanting vocals that are added. It’s not spiritual but it is enlightening, relying more on instrumentation than the human vessel of communication. 

EP closer ‘A Birth In Fire’ is as harrowing as it’s title doth suggest. No time for sentiment or meandering song-writing, Ascendency formulates and delvers one last lengthy trip into the dark and tortured psyche. A psyche that could only have been birthed in a city called Kill-Town. This EP is strong and authoritative. A fine release by a band very much in the ascendency (pun completely intended) and a fantastic find by both Night Shroud Records and Iron Bonehead Productions. 

You can stream Birth Of An Eternal Empire and buy it on various formats directly from the band below:-

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Night Shroud Records -

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