Friday 14 February 2020

Sammas' Equinox/Emanating Void - Temples Of Ice Split 7" (Signal Rex)

Labels: Signal Rex
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 31 Jan 2020


1. Sammas' Equinox - Glaciers In The Somber Night
2. Emanating Void - Crystalized In Superiority

Things have been a bit hit and miss this week, but after the excellent reception that my Frogskin/Taser Split review received, I wanted to make sure I got something else written up before time completely gets away from me. Low and behold, this is another split. Released at the end of January by Portuguese black metal label Signal Rex, Temples Of Ice features Sammas' Equinox and Emanating Void, whom contribute one song each. Sammas' Equinox has released two demos, the first of which was in 2016 and a compilation last year, which gathered all of the songs from those aforementioned tapes. Emanating Void is newer with only a single demo to their name so far. Both bands are mysterious and both present their newest work here.

With another storm due to hit the UK over the weekend, there’s reason to hunker down with something dark and foreboding. Sammas’ Equinox begin with ‘Glaciers In The Somber Night’ and their black metal is evil, noisy but not without atmosphere. It’s not lo-fi by any means, but the crashing percussion, raw guitar work and cold shrieks make it sound very true to the sub-genres beginnings. The ambient synth-led latter-half is enchanting, transporting you to a place with no natural light, where you’re left staring wide-eyed at the stars. It’s cosmic in an odd sort of way but utterly encapsulating as well. 

Emanating Void’s ‘Crystalized In Superiority’ snaps you back down to earth with blasting, orchestral black metal that’s filled with layers of uneasy noise and deeper growls. The drums in the background are threatening while the guitars seem slightly hidden by the vocals and the other instrumental effects. It’s an immersive listen, even it requires more attention from you as a listener. There’s a lot to pick up on here and Emanating Void really takes no prisoners. The band’s expressive nature flows through their song here and turns the light into darkness. 

This year is going to be strong for black metal and Finland looks like it’s going to lead the way, with new releases from Hollow Woods and Pantheon of Blood, alongside this split already seeing the black of night via Signal Rex in January.

You can stream and purchase the split digitally below:-

The Signal Rex webstore re-opens in March, so keep heading back to the link below if you want a copy -

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