Monday 3 February 2020

Gig Review: Fatalist + Bile (Friday 31st Jan, Harrogate Retro Bar)

This post has been a bit delayed due to procrastination and a hangover, but it seems like a good way to start my last day before going back to the daily grind. This past Friday I went to a gig (which, hasn't happened for quite some time!). It was the first heavy gig to happen in Harrogate for sometime and it was all thanks to Retro Bar and Snicklefritz Promotions, a new local gig promoter. 

The gig featured local powerviolence band Bile (whose demo I reviewed not so long ago) and fellow Leeds/Harrogate black metal band Fatalist. Leeds band Dregz were due to play the gig too, but sadly had to pull out at the last minute. I attempted to review the gig and take some photos, so this will either be complete rubbish or not a bad decide.

Doors were at 8pm and Bile started things off at 9pm. Retro is a cosy space and there was over a handful of people in attendance at this point (aside from the bands themselves). Bile's set was short, like their demo. They sounded great and their no-bullshit approach was refreshing given that this was their first gig. Talking to their drummer before the set, he mentioned how much he enjoyed early-Magrudergrind and I could definitely here that influence in their music, as well a slight hint of sludge to. Great set and I'm definitely eager to hear more from Bile. I did take a couple of photos from their set but managed to lose them, which I'm gutted about.

Fatalist were up next and after the fast and short Bile set, their atmospheric black metal was subtle and sounded really clear. Beginning with an instrumental song (from reading my notes, I'm probably wrong in my recollection) they went onto play black metal with melody and a somewhat earthy feel, especially with the vocals held back in the mix slightly and the haze from the smoke machine filling the room. There were a few more people in the crowd at this point as well and Fatalist's tones filled the bar and rung out into the street above, meaning wherever you were in the venue the sound was clear. It was the second time I'd seen Fatalist (both time being at Retro bar). I managed to salvage three photos of them from the night after my phone's wobbly over the weekend, so I've posted them below.

Note: I decided to turn my phone's flash off part way through the gig so I didn't piss people off. That coupled with the smoke machine means that these are a bit grainy and dark, but I think that adds charm.

If anybody reading this review does gig reviews themselves and can give me tips on how to do things differently or better in future, please don't hesitate to shout up. Maybe, I should invest in better camera equipment for future gigs as well.

Finally, thanks to Snicklefritz Promotions for putting this night on and make sure you check out both bands, as well as Dregz:-

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