Sunday 9 February 2020

Riviera Kid - It's Not A Matter Of A Or B (Hell Hath No Fury Records)

Labels: Hell Hath No Fury Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 01 Jan 2019


1. Building A Disco
2. Black Dot
3. Broken Town
4. Break Free Stay Free

I seem to have done more planning this week that actual writing, so today could well be a day filled with reviews. This is my third Hell Hath No Fury Records review, but it was the label's first release (I think). Riviera Kid is a duo from Southern England and is described (in the band's own words) as one part anarchy punk and one part gothic nu-metal. It's Not A Matter Of A Or B was released on the first of Jan last year as a CD and digitally. 

This is loud. ‘Building A Disco’ is filled with garage-punk and rock n’ roll vibes, but there’s a decidedly angry backbone to it as well. The instrumentation is delivered with real venom and there’s something very industrial about it thanks to the repeated vocal lines and straight-forward way in which Riviera Kid performs their music. Despite the loudness, the duo are really solid musicians, which is noticeable throughout the EP. ‘Black Dot’ edges over into slightly more experimental territory at times but it’ll still smash you over the head. It reminds me of the anti-establishment punk of the 80s (even though I was far too young at the time to appreciate it). 

‘Broken Town’ is the band’s longest song and also the first song where they employ clean vocals. It’s gritty and still heavy in the choruses but there’s an added complexity to their music that’s not as obvious when they’re just going for it gung-ho. Post-punk is probably the closest comparison I could come to here, if that makes sense. EP closer ‘Break Free Stay Free’ is an example in noisy art-punk with masses of urgency and a crushing bass-heavy rumble. Maybe I’m trying to be too descriptive when talking about this EP, when really all it is is just heavy fun from a band that have their own style and aesthetic.

DIY music is always better than anything manufactured and you can’t get more DIY than this. The music a produced/mixed/mastered brilliantly and doesn’t lose any of it’s abrasive edge. The duo play loads of small gigs across the UK in between their busy daily lives and it was released with the help of a great up-and-coming UK label that takes pride in diversity and giving a leg-up to killer bands at the same time. 

You can stream and purchase It's Not A Matter Of A Or B digitally and on cd (4 remaining) via the Hell Hath No Fury Records bandcamp page below:-

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