Monday 17 June 2019

Shizune/Lytic - Split 7"

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Moment Of Collapse Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 08 Jan 2019


1. Shizune - Greg è a Roppongi Con John MacAfee
2. Shizune - Occhiaie Metafisiche
3. Lytic - Greener Grass
4. Lytic - All Bleeding Stops Eventually
Lytic - Lugenpresse

Receiving a promo e-mail about this release the other day was a nice surprise. I've been a fan of Italian screamo band Shizune for a long time. I first heard their music on their 2013 split with Minus Tree and love em. New York's Lytic is a fairly (though not entirely) new name to me; however, their links to Off Minor and Saetia are exciting ones indeed. This split has been released by Zegema Beach Records (USA/Canada/International) and Moment Of Collapse Records (Europe).

Shizune’s side of this split features two songs. The first, Greg è a Roppongi Con John MacAfee is instantly attention grabbing, as their take on hardcore is joined by melodic guitars and energetic percussion, which matches their whole approach. The lyrics are in their native tongue and sound great delivered in their shouted way. Second song Occhiaie Metafisiche follows immediately afterwards, with no gap and continues to power on breathlessly. The closing bars may be atmospheric and calming to a degree but you’ll still yearn for them at their fullest.

Lytic’s sound on Greener Grass is as engaging as Shizune’s was, though it’s also rawer in a sense. Shorter songs means it’s harder for them to make an instant impression musically but they manage to pull it off with a mix of high intensity screamo and introspective passages. There’s an off-kilter/math-like technicality to their music, especially within the guitars on All Bleeding Stops Eventually, which also has some great emotive semi-clean singing going on. Final song Lugenpresse is their long-player and the jazz/blues influence looms large within the music. The subtle spoken word vocals lead you into an explosion of noise that starts and stops at various points throughout. 

Many people reading this will say that the golden era of screamo/post-hardcore is long gone but judging by what’s already been released and what’s due to be released, 2019 is proving to be right up there. Just to hammer that point home, I have the following coming over the next week or so:- Paper Hats - Might song premiere, a full stream of the new Albatros album (hopefully), a review of the newly released split between Yarostan & Aleska and more to follow no doubt. Keep screaming…

You can stream and purchase the full split digitally from Zegema Beach Records below:-

Grab 7" copies from Zegema Beach Records here - (Canada/International) and here - (USA).

I can't seem to find copies over at Moment Of Collapse right now but keep checking their store here -

Moment Of Collapse Records -

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