Monday 10 June 2019

Hexenbrett - Erste Beschwörung EP

Labels: Self-Released/Caligari Records
Formats: Digital/Tape
Release Date: 01 Jan 2019/31 May 2019


1. Hexen (Bis Aufs Blut Gequält)
2. Toter Schrei
3. Farben Der Nacht
4. Sie Fliegen!

Being ill sucks but thankfully I'm pretty much over it now and I have more energy, which I want to put to good use. It's being channelled this evening into writing about a brand new German black/heavy metal band, whose self-released 2018 EP has just been reissued via Caligari Records. "Erste Beschwörung" was originally released digitally on tape via Hexenbrett last December, before being picked up by Caligari and re-released on tape at the end of May. Little is known about the band beyond the above.

Into the rabbit hole I go again. Mysterious, lesser heard black metal seems to be everywhere at the moment but solely calling this a black metal release would be doing it a huge disservice. Hexenbrett’s sound is heavily rooted in classic heavy metal, with German language growls adding harshness. The melodic riffs and choral singing stop proceedings from turning too extreme on opening song Hexen (Bis Aufs Blut Gequält). So far this is great!

Hexenbrett may still be a little bit wet-behind-the-ears to some,  but their traditional sound is one to behold and instrumentally, they’re really impressive. Toter Schrei shows off their musical creativity again with horror film-like soundscapes and effects. The lead work is solid too! They’re not just pushing the same old musical envelope here. 

The tempo on “Erste Beschwörung” seems to increase as the EP continues and with Farben Der Nacht, you’re treated to a black/thrash frenzy with a quintessential German twist. Elements of twisted post-punk, goth and rock make themselves heard here. I told you this wasn’t just another black metal release!

Closing song Sie Fliegen! is off-kilter and very much avant-garde in it’s delivery (sorry for sounding pretentious!). Slow/fast tempos and added urgency help to create a proper rousing finish. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while you could never describe Hexenbrett’s music as beautiful, you can’t ignore it either. Hopefully, this won’t be the only music we hear from the band. Their progression will be something to truly behold.

You can stream the full EP and purchase it as a name-your-price download from Hexenbrett below:-

It's available to buy on tape from Caligari Records here -

Caligari Records -

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