Saturday 8 June 2019

erai - Lights Out (Curtain Close) Video Share/Youtube Channel Update

For a long time now the blog has had a companion YouTube channel that's been underused. I've decided to change that by trying to increase the content that's shared on that platform. I put a post out on social media recently explaining more about what I wanted to do and I've had a lot of interest. I wasn't able to post a great deal last week due to illness, so I'm beginning today.

The plan is to start off with sharing/premiering videos, songs, EPs and albums to help increase promotion for bands and their music. Beyond that (and if I finally pluck up the courage/get drunk enough), I'm planning to record and upload my own videos talking about my personal record collection and then eventually do some reviews of releases, if that's what people want. Either way, if you're reading this and have comments and opinions on these ideas then let me know.

As you'll see from the title of this post, I've already uploaded a video with the kind permission of post-hardcore band erai from Berlin, Germany. They have a new record due for release at the beginning of July and they've created a video for album track Lights Out (Curtain Close). I'm lucky enough to be able to help the band share the video, which you can find embedded below:-

Pre-orders for the new album "Before We Were Wise And Unhappy" can be found via Bandcamp here -

Keep up to date with release news and further possible song premieres here -

Stay tuned for a full review in advance of the record release as well.

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