Sunday 15 September 2013

Foul Body Autopsy - The Epidemic Sickening The World EP

When you think of one-man bands, you tend to think of black metal, but death metal has it's fare share too. Foul Body Autopsy are one such band. After beginning back in 2011 with two self-released demos and a song featuring on one of the Damn & Blast comps put together by Grindethic records, multi-instrumentalist Tom Reynolds put out a single in 2012. This debut EP was released via UKEM Records earlier this year featuring re-recorded tracks from those early demos plus three new songs. With shows alongside extreme metal heavyweights like Amputated and countless other shows under the bands belt (you just have to look at FBA's flyer album of Facebook), you'll definitely be hearing more the band as soon to be released debut album approaches.


1. Outbreak
2. The Epidemic Sickening the World
3. The Last Days of Humanity
4. And the World Looked On in Horror
5. Left to Rot
6. Synthetic Existence

UKEM Records always has a knack of unearthing and releasing music by some of the UK's best-kept extreme metal secrets and they've done again with Foul Body Autopsy. The Epidemic Sickening The World starts with Outbreak, which is filled with screams and the sound or air raid sirens. It's a disconcerting intro.

It leads into the title track, which is technical death metal with plenty of pinch-harmonic madness. The growls are hellish and the drums are amongst the faster you're likely to hear this year. Tom Reynolds is certainly quite the musician. He's joined here by Lee Pellington who provides plenty of low-end thanks to his bass work.

Following on immediately after is The Last Days of Humanity. The vocals change from low growls to high-pitched shrieks that bring to mind black metal, as well a thrashier guitar. The EP takes a progressive turn with And The World Looked On In Horror. This seven-plus minute leviathan is absolutely nuts with some really deep vocal contortions going on. The mid-section is filled with some beautiful instrumental work, which balances out the extremity from the rest of the EP. There's majestic groove and textures throughout the song, making it a standout on the EP. 

Left To Rot brings the atmosphere back down with its evil tone and frenetic pace, as does EP closer Synthetic Existence.  It rounds out a thoroughly great sounding, modern death metal EP, which features plenty of riffs and potential. The new album should be well worth the wait if this is anything to go by.

You can listen to the opening three tracks from this EP via UKEM's bandcamp page:-

You can download it from the above page for the bargain price of £2.The download only features three songs, with the full six appearing only on the CD. From browsing UKEM's store, it looks like the CD is sold out, so if you want a copy you'll have to look elsewhere.

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