Wednesday 11 September 2013

Demon Lung - Pareidolia EP

Now for something unplanned and unexpected. Staying the US, I decided to write about Demon Lung, as this EP was on my review list and I was intrigued. It has extra meaning to, as Demon Lung have recently signed with Candlelight Records! This Vegas, female-fronted doom quartet have had quite the rise over the last twelve months. After releasing this EP in 2012 alongside a split with The Fat Dukes of Fuck, they found themselves signing to Candlelight Records, whom they released their 2013 debut full-length The Hundredth Name through earlier this year.


1. Lament Code
2. Sour Ground
3. Death Mask
4. Pareidolia

Demon Lung kick out the jams like only an American doom band could. It's all about the guitars on Pareidolia, their debut EP. The raging, grooving intro lasts for well over a minute, before Shanda Fredrick's vocals ring out.  Opening with Lament Code gives listeners an instant hit of what Demon Lung are about. There’s plenty of occult temperament in Shanda's voice, which more than matches the power coming from the instrumentation. The bass-heavy guitar sound brings the whole atmosphere down during the verses and then unleashes a more stoned feel during the instrumental bridge sections. That's only the first song too!

Sour Ground has an intro that makes up a quarter of the song. This song is shorter and less technical than the opener, but no less powerful where the guitars are concerned. The drums sit in the background, only slightly audible when competing with those guitars. The vocals become almost trance like. They relax a bit with the variation and textures during Death Mask. The riffs are more simplified and minimal, which suit the vocal melodies well. The barrage of sound still persists when they hit their stride, but when they fall into a full-on doom laden dirge mid-way through, they take on a whole new being. They get heavier and more sinister with every blast.

By the time the title track emerges, you'll be paralysed; such is the overall effect of Demon Lung. Anyway, there's not really much more I can say about this EP without repeating myself. You'll just have to listen to it for yourselves!

Listen to the EP here:-

You can buy the EP via digital download on the bandcamp page above, as well as t-shirts.

Physical copies of the EP are out of stock.

Demon Lung Website -
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