Tuesday 2 July 2013

Swinelord - Life Is Empty/I Feel Fucked 10"

The Saturday just gone played host to the third annual Fuck Fest in Manchester. Don't worry, it's not some seedy adult festival though! It was the annual gathering of bands from the Church of Fuck roster, playing at the Kraak Gallery. It was my first time at the all-dayer and it was my first time seeing the majority of bands. Swinelord were one of the bands that played and they have this killer 10" arriving soon, so I thought I'd make this thew second review in this week's series. It features five new tracks as well as the five tracks from their I Feel Fucked tape, re-recorded. Basically, you've got ten tracks of raging, crust-filled hardcore.


1. Sloth
2. Endless
3. Void
4. Letch
5. Spitting Blood
6. Welcome To You're Doom
7. I Feel Fucked
8. Phismosis Death
9. Morning Beer
10. Lad

Sloth: A Slow-moving tropical American mammal or; A reluctance to work or make an effort. Neither of these two definitions paints an accurate description of the opener to this raging 10", because it’s made up of utterly nuts, crusty, sludgy-hardcore. Okay, it may have some slow passages but at a minute-forty, it's hardly slow.

The new material is a lot faster, with the next three songs weighing in at a collective one minute and fifteen seconds. They major more on their crust influences and feature low, hardcore vox. The riffs during Letch are especially low and bass heavy. Spitting Blood plays at a more consistent pace, with crashing cymbals adding to the sense of chaos. It almost sounds industrial, thanks to the pounding, mesmerising rhythm.

The I Feel Fucked side is slower and sludgier from the off. These songs featured on the 2012 demo tape of the same name and here, they sound equally as squalid. Welcome To You're Doom is as claustrophobic as you like. It only picks up in pace at the midway point. The title track on this side of the ten inch is as unrelenting as you'd expect. Much like the cover art for the record, it's dirty and depraved!

The raw-production helps make Phismosis Death sound maddening. The bass-heavy sound and the dual vocals that hit you from both speakers, threaten to deafen you. If you've ever embarked on some hair-of-the-dog action you'll know exactly what penultimate track Morning Beer sounds like. Next time you have a hangover, just stick it on and headbang. I guarantee that the pain will soon disappear! Lad ends proceedings with a brief shriek of chaotic feedback.

If you weren't lucky enough to get your mitts on the I Feel Fucked tape last year, make sure you get this. It's ten tracks of genuine and raw hardcore that could only come from the bowels of Manchester.

Hear it for yourself via Church Of Fuck's ever growing bandcamp page:-

You can still pre-order as copy of the record here - http://churchoffuck.bigcartel.com/product/cof19-swinelord-life-is-empty-i-feel-fucked-10.

What are you waiting for. Get it now and smile as you fester in it's filth!

Swinelord Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Swinelord
Church of Fuck Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/churchoffck

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