Saturday 13 July 2013

Oblivionized/Human Cull - This Septic Isle Split 7"

Now I'm moving onto something faster. This awesome new split 7" features two up-and-coming UK extreme metal bands, Oblivionized and Human Cull. Oblivionized hail from London and play what they call "Avant-Grind" while Exeter's Human Cull play a mixture of grind, sludge and crust. You just have to look at the artwork for a clue to how good this is gonna be!

It's been released by five collaborating labels and pre-orders close today! There are three different colour variants and some great pre-order packages to pick up, if you're quick.


1. Oblivionized - Ghost of An Assault
2. Oblivionized - Whore Dogs
3. Human Cull - Ignoring Fact
4. Human Cull - Shitstorm
5. Human Cull - Disgusted
6. Human Cull - Assassinated
7. Human Cull - Abandonment

I love the split seven-inch format. I know it has its detractors but I don't care. Oblivionized start things off with two tracks. As Ghost of An Assault starts, I can see where the band gets their "Avant-Grind" label from. If you to play mathcore and speed it up too about ten times the pace, this is what it would sound like. It's brutal. The guitars dominate proceedings with furious time changes and riff, the drums fly by in a whirlwind of double bass, the bass underpins it all with hellish precision and the dual vocals add tonnes of volume. Things get even faster with second song Whore Dogs. The occasional treble from the guitars brings a bit of metal influence into their sound. Two instantly gratifying yet equally terrifying songs.

Human Cull's side is made up of five tracks, with only one stretching past the one-minute mark. Their sound is lower and maybe slightly more controlled than that of Oblivionized. Ignoring Fact speeds by before you've hard time to think. The low growls complimenting the higher screams of their comrades really well. Human Cull's other four songs blast by in around the same length of time as Ignoring Fact does and like the rest of the split, deserve multiple listens to help you truly appreciate them.

The production of the split allows both bands to sound at their ferocious best and when they're this fast, you realise the skill that's involved with capturing their essence. Both bands play with skill and in a style which is a preserve of British bands. It may be short, but only takes a few minutes to rip the flesh from your face!

Have a listen here via WOOAAARGH's bandcamp page:-

As mentioned before, pre-orders end today and there are some great packages on the above bandcamp page, so make sure you head over there and check it out.

Here are the links to the stores and the Facebook pages of the labels involved with the release:-

Facebook -

Made In A Meth Lab - Story -
Facebook -

Aural Onslaught Records & Distro -

Anarchotic Records - Store -
Facebook -

Buriedinhell Records - Store -
Facebook -

Oblivionized Facebook -
Human Cull official - 

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