Monday 8 April 2013

Seagraves - Weight of The World EP

A while back I wrote a few reviews about some of the latest releases from Witch Hunter records. A little while after that, this EP was released for Leeds band Seagraves. Seagraves are a four piece hardcore band whose members have previously done time in a load of other top notch Leeds bands, in fact there's too many to list. This EP was in fact Witch Hunter's first release of 2013.

With tonnes of shows already under their belts, including an EP release show at Santiago's in Leeds and more gigs planned, there's no let up.


1. Hollow Lies
2. Dreams Are For Fools
3. Weight of The World
4. Blood Runs Black
5. Wrong

Seagraves throw up hardcore with a distinct rock n roll vibe to it. Reminiscent of bands like Cancer Bats, with great guitar work and low, screamed vocals. In most cases, simpler music goes down the best and it's definitely the case with Seagraves. That's not doing them a disservice though, as they are seasoned vets. Hollow Lies takes some its cues from their previous bands. There are some great breakdowns going on, but they are subtle and don't sound like every other hardcore band's breakdowns.

Dreams Are For Fools has a more aggressive edge to it, especially in the vocals. The title track is more stripped back. They put elements of garage rock into the song, mainly in the guitars and the drums keep it solidly together. The screaming lead work is what these songs were made for and while brief; they provide a reason to bang you head intently!

Seagraves keep their songs short, preferring to let their songs have an impact without overrunning. This is what makes hardcore-punk so good as it doesn't suffer from the noodling that metal bands tend to employ. Blood Runs Black shows off more of their instrumental technique. Ending it all with a decidedly thrashy number in the form of Wrong, Seagraves finish Weight of The World in raucous style. It's probably one of the heaviest songs on the EP and is peppered with killer riffs and subtle time changes. It even leans towards sludge at time, but never looses it's core sound. 

The CD itself comes in a gorgeous gate-fold card sleeve, with the CD nestling inside the back cover. Basically, you need this like you need oxygen and water!

If you don't believe me, listen to it in it's entirety via the Witch Hunter Records bandcamp page:-

The CD itself can be bought by clicking on the link on the above bandcamp page and you get the option of a pay-what-you want download too.

Seagraves can be found at
Witch Hunter Records can be found at

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