Saturday 13 April 2013

Disfracture - Disfracture EP

Leeds based progressive metal band Disfracture got in touch with me last year about a  review, so I must apologies to them for only just posting about them. Their first self-title EP was released digitally in August 2011 and features three tracks. Disfracture are currently working on a full length release and have posted a couple of lone tracks up on their bandcamp page, but I thought this would be a good place to start.


1. False Prophecy
2. Commander To The Throne of Jeopardy
3. Scarred Remains

False Prophecy sounds huge! That was my initial thought when I put this EP on. The production really brings out their sound. They employ low, deathly growls, simple but pounding drums and thick guitar to produce a heavy sound on their self-titled EP. The sound is a modern one, but thanks to those savage vocals and the nice clean vocal melodies, they have plenty to add. They don't overuse electronics either and keep things pretty savage. In the current musical climate, where djent and progressive metal seems to be ruling the roost, there's no reason why these guys shouldn't be picking up a healthy dose of fans.

Commander To The Throne of Jeopardy expands on their death metal influences, while not losing sight of their experimental edge. They use some subtle cleanly plucked guitar to add colour to the song so it's not all just brutal riffs. When they do hit their stride though, there is something quite anthemic about Disfracture. Final song Scarred Remains is the most progressive song on the EP. The riffs bounce back and forth at the start and the flit between groove and mind-melting time signatures. The echo on the vocals makes them sound bigger here too and the song has a lot of impact. They feature some more introspective instrumentation in the mid-section, sitting just underneath the vocals, which fits really well. Live, Disfracture must be a heavy proposition and on record they're equally as loud. This EP is short but oh so sweet and I'm looking forward to their full length.

You can listen to the EP via Disfracture's bandcamp page below:-

It's available from the same page as a pay-what-you-want download as well.

Disfracture are on Facebook at

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