Sunday 7 April 2013

Children of Technology - Mayhemic Speed Anarchy 7"

Ever since I saw the cover of Children of Technology's first record in a copy of Terrorizer magazine, I've been intrigued by this band. The album was "It's Time To Face The Doomsday" and it featured the bands bright green logo on the cover, in pure day-glow thrash metal style. This Italian thrash trio had the image of a black metal band, all bullet belt and stud encrusted, with mohawks and patches on their jackets. At the time, it was obvious that Children of Technology weren't just rehashing a genre or following a crowd, they were just doing what they wanted to do. That was 2010 and after countless more vinyl releases, they put out this two song seven inch record, via Hells Headbangers in 2012 and have now grown to a four-piece. The record features one original song and a cover of the song by Swedish hardcore band Black Uniforms, which featured members of Anti-Cimex and Moderat Likvidation amongst others.


1.  Mayhemic Speed Anarchy
2. Computer World (Black Uniforms cover) 

This seven-inch kicks off with the title track. The vocals at the start are pure thrash and after the build up, Children of Technology fly into a hybrid of thrash combining elements of Motorhead and Sodom. It's fast and fun, the drum set the pace and they throw in a great, screaming thrash solo mid-way through. They prove that they don't take themselves to seriously either, with some falsetto screams. Their Black Uniforms cover, Computer World, is not quite as fast but equally as rousing. They inject their own sound into the song and give a decent show of it. I can't say I'm too familiar with Black Uniforms, so can't say whether the cover is faithful, but I'll definitely be checking them out after this. The one thing that does stick out about Children of Technology is that they don't fall into the trap of being too Americanised. Deathlord Astwulf sings with his native accent and it feels like the whole band is in it for the music.

All in all, even though this seven-inch is short, it gives you a great clue as to what Children if Technology is about. Hell's Headbangers has done another great job with this release, as with previous releases for the band and it's well worth tracking down.

You can stream the records title track via Children of Technology's bandcamp page below:-

It's only available as a seven-inch and I couldn't find a digital download version, so if you want to pick it up you'll need to search, although I suspect it's sold out as I couldn't find any copies listed anywhere.

You can find Children of Technology on Facebook at

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