Saturday 9 February 2013

Sohns - Ripe/Rot 7"

Sohns hail from San Antonio, Texas. Their 7" Ripe/Tor was released in July 2012 and features five tracks of post-hardcore noise. The EP was released by Flannel Gurl Records. These guys are forever playing live across Texas and back in late 2011 they shared the stage with Retox, who feature members of The Locust and Some Girls amongst it's ranks. More recently they've played alongside Japanther, so they're no strangers to playing diverse gigs.


1. Intro
2. Soul Train Blues of The Broken Skull
3. Abomination
4. The Hole In The Foul
5. Soul Salvation

Ripe/Rot starts with a brooding but sedate intro, pierced by screams and shouts and the launches into Soul Train Blues of The Broken Skull. The music is mid-paced and vocalist Alex Mendez's screams are high up the register. They manage to produce a heady wall of noise towards the end of the song, with the guitar droning to a close before they head straight into Abomination. This song has more impact as the guitar takes more of a driving stance and Sohns seem to carry more swagger. Imagine a more spazzy and abrasive version of At The Drive-In and that will give you some idea what Sohns sound closest too, although to be honest, it is hard to categorise their music. They are however, to the point. They don't believe in using too much in their music and that helps keep their song-lengths down. 

The Hole In The Foul is a short interlude track before EP closer Soul Salvation gives you one last blast of their brand of post-hardcore. Here the drums play a big part in the song, spewing forth some interesting rhythms. The guitar is atmospheric and there are moments of bass-heavy rumble. The vocals are actually used quite sparingly here too, when they're not being screamed at you that is! This EP is short and there are only three actual songs on it if you don't count the intro and the interlude track, so the impact of Sohns is slightly lessened. Hopefully, this'll be something they remedy with their next release, as I'd like to hear more from them.

The entire 7" is streaming over on the Flannel Gurl bandcamp page, but I've also put it below from you to listen to:-

You can purchase it digitally from the bandcamp page or click through the link to purchase the 7" version.

Sohns can be found at both and at
Flannel Gurl Records are here and here

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