Saturday 16 February 2013

Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror 7"

I just picked up a copy of this 7" last week and then realised I had a digital version of it to review, so here it is. This particular 7" was released by Eldritch Lunar Miasma back in mid-2012 and it's a cold slab of British black metal. For those who haven't heard about Cultfinder, they hail from Farnborough and have been around since 2010. Their only previous release was in the form of a demo cassette. Cultfinder also features members of Witchsorrow and XII Boar as well.


1. Black Thrashing Terror
2. Archangel Burial
3. Witching Curse

As soon as you press play on this beast, the first thing that hits you is the sound of the guitars. They are thick and majestic during the intro to opener Black Thrashing Terror. Then before you have time to breath, all hell breaks loose. Flailing drums play fill after fill, the guitars thrash forth and those evil black metal vocals envelope you! That same intro riff makes another appearance in the mid-section giving you chance to gather yourself before one final forty second onslaught. Awesome stuff!

Archangel Burial picks up where Black Thrashing Terror left off. This song is a lost shorter and as such sounds more gung-ho. It's just an all out riot of ungodly noise from start to finish. Witching Curse features one hell of a low-end and some of the fastest drumming I've heard from a black metal band in ages. Don't even try to keep up with it! When the pace settles down, it sounds even more evil (if that's possible!). Those vocals remain demonic throughout and in the end you'll be begging for mercy. The double bass groove that Wilbeherit injects into the second half of Witching Curse is almost hypnotic. It's a testament to his and Cultfinder's musicianship as a whole.

They stay focused throughout and even thought they play at a frenetic pace for the most part; they execute their devilish plan with aplomb. That plan being to convert all their listeners into demonic followers and guess what, they succeed. Now march on and face thy fate!

You can stream the title track on Eldritch Lunar Miasma's soundcloud page below:-

There are a couple of places you can pick this 7" up from including Cultfinder's own webstore at or from ELM Records at

Cultfinder are also on Facebook at and have a website at WWW.UNHOLYCULTFINDER.COM.

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