Sunday 2 December 2012

Despite Exile - Re-Evolve EP

1. Oscillate
2. Perfection Neutralized
3. Mechanical

I decided to finally stop procrastinating and crank out another review before the weekend was out. This is another EP that I've found buried amongst my "digital" review pile and thought it's be a bit different from what I've been reviewing of late.

Despite Exile are a progressive metal band from Italy. They released an album called Scarlet Reverie back in 2011 (which I also have to review somewhere) and Re-Evolve is their follow up EP, that was released earlier this year.

Their video for second song Perfection Neutralized has already amassed well over 21,000 views on BlankTV. I've posted it below, so you can see what all the fuss is about - 

Anyway, onto Re-Evolve itself. It's three tracks spread across almost twelve minutes.

Oscillate, as the name suggests has a very modern slant to it. It's full of quick fire guitar leads, djent inspired drumming and bass and the modern metal screams that you should be well used to by now. The guitars present a dissonant edge for the most part and Despite Exile seem to break into a mathy section mid-way through the song.
It kind of reminds me of early Periphery and Scar Symmetry at time, which isn't bad by any means. When they produce a breakdown later in the song, Despite Exile are at their heaviest and it's pretty brutal, in modern metal terms.

Perfection Neutralized carries on in the direction. The low end makes up most of the musical textures here, along with some deep, death-core style vocals. They are clearly very skilled musicians, especially when they are switching between rhythmic patterns so regularly. The production helps them too, as it's clear and everything you'd expect, with a modern, progressive record. Some people may find that it's a bit too Americanised for their ears, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Mechanical has been billed as their most melodic song so far, but that is only true in the guitar leads. The rest of the band and the music is just a brutal as before. Actually, those riffs do add a great element to the music, even rewarding the listener almost.
For an unsigned band, this is a really assured EP and seems to have already gained them a lot of fans. It's a short EP, which is also good, as sometimes, progressive metal bands can sometime be a little contrite, but Despite Exile plough through three action packed tracks, which keep you listening till the final note. Really good stuff here from a band gaining momentum in their chosen sub-genre.
Re-Evolve is up for streaming on Despite Exile's bandcamp page, where you can also pick it up digitally, for 2 Euros. Listen to it below:- 

You can follow Despite Exile via their website at and via Facebook at

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