Sunday 9 December 2012

Mörse - S/T EP

Mörse are a crust-laden, hardcore band from Lille, France. They got in touch with me directly about reviewing their self-titled EP which was released earlier this year through Eastrain Records. The cool thing about the e-mail that I got from Denis was that it mentioned that they had just come back from five days of touring Loma Prieta! I feel guilty for sitting on this for so long, so here's a review.

1. Sous Terre
2. Le Bannissement
3. Pour Qui Préside l' Effroi

Any EP that starts with ringing feedback is a winner in my book and that's exactly how this one starts, with opener Sous Terre. Mörse play great punk inspired hardcore. It's less abrasive than I thought it would be and at it's heart, there's some great melodic guitar. The EP's sound has a great live feel to it too. It's not overproduced either. The fact that Mörse sing in their native tongue adds integrity and feel to the record too.

Le Bannissement is a faster, more hardcore ridden song with plenty of guts and glory throughout. EP closer, Pour Qui Preside L'Effroi has a southern bluesy feel to it thanks too some great guitar work and with it's slower pace, sounds really heavy. Those passionate screams are pretty relentless too, adding a cathartic edge to the music. Their punkier overtones stride back in halfway through. They inject some melodic backing vocals too, which underlines their punk influences.

This EP is too short! The songs are quality and Mörse play with passion. Fear not though, as a new record is on the way in the New Year, with four songs already written. I can't wait to hear it!

The whole EP is streaming via Mörse's bandcamp page below:-

You can still pick up this EP on vinyl and CD from Eastrain Records at The vinyl version comes with two different sleeves, including a limited red version. There's also band merch available too.

Mörse are on Tumblr at  and on Facebook at

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