Friday 21 December 2012

Burn Everything - Hollow Victory 7"

Burn Everything are not a new band to the pages. I was lucky enough to review their previous EP Last Run Through The Ruins, earlier this year. Burn Everything released a four track 7" in March through Dullest Records. Burn Everything are a five-piece hardcore/mathcore band from Rochester, USA.


1. Hollow Victory
2. Holy-Diverticulitus
3. Maintain Radio Silence
4. Vengeance in The Night Sky

One of the first things that struck me with this release was the record's cover art. The black and white image really stood out to me.

Burn Everything start things off with the title track, which slams you in the face from the off. Their mixture of pounding drums, off-kilter riffs and Matt Dalberth's screamed vocals, certainly batters the senses. It's certainly heavier of the metal than the core. It has plenty of aggression, which would go down well live! I like the end of Hollow Victory, where Burn Everything slow things down to an almost sludgy pace before ending with one last, quick fire blast-beat. Brutal!

This song title, Holy-Diverticulitus made me laugh, as it's clearly aping Holy Diver by Dio! The song itself is more mid-paced that the opener and relies more on the vocals.
The guitars and bass seem to hold court underneath, with a low rumble. It's a more sinister track all round and a nice opposite to the mathy mayhem of the opener.

Maintain Radio Silence notches the pace up again. Plenty of syncopated riffs bounce along. Burn Everything don't favour actual melody too much, preferring to just sound heavy as hell. Final song Vengeance In The Night Sky closes things off in similar fashion, but this time with a few more math inspired sections. Burn Everything show themselves to be forward thinking in their delivery, while not compromising on their heavy aspect. Also that fact that this EP has been released on vinyl makes it even better!

It's definitely worth a listen and should help convert more people to Burn Everything's agenda. If you like crushing metal, get at these guys!

You can stream the whole 7" via Burn Everything's bandcamp page:-

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