Monday 19 November 2012

Let It Die - 7"

Today is a good day for Let It Die, as their debut 7" is released. It was pressed as a collaboration between Moshtache Records, Church of Fuck and Dead Chemists Records.
It's been pretty exciting to see these Kettering based PV monsters growing since the release of their demo and this record promises to be a short, sharp stab in the eye for anyone unprepared. To coincide with this evenings official release, here's my review. You can also read the interview I did with band way back in 2011 here.


1. Hangman Blind
2. Funeral of No Tears
3. A is A
4. Solitaire
5. Self Interest as the Engine of Progress
6. The Judge Is Guilty

This 7" is one I've been eager to hear for a while now and the slow building, sludge-infested intro too Hangman Blind does not disappoint. The guitars pump out riffs as thick as tar and the drums/bass drag you deeper into it, like quicksand. The vocals threaten to tear your face off, just like sand paper would, if it was covered in razors. It's chaotic and leaves you defenseless.

Funeral of No Tears jolts you with a brief blast of wailing feedback, before a short blast of hardcore brilliance which changes the dynamic of the record. This flows straight into A is A, which keeps things fast and brutal, with a subtle underlying metallic edge. The long/short aesthetic that Let It Die injects through their songs is cool, as it brings out the variation in their song writing and allows them to free themselves from convention.

Solitaire is a disorientating wall of feedback, but out of it springs a ray of light in the form of a ten second blast of PV infused hardcore, which swings you straight into Self Interest as the Engine of Progress. With a title that makes it sound like it could be from an obtuse prog song, it is an off-kilter moment of pure circle-pitting mayhem. It's got some great rock n roll inspired riffs if you listen carefully, but still stays hateful and sees the band flailing with abandon into closer The Judge is Guilty.

This is the longest blast you get, so just sit back and imagine you're being spun violently in a washing machine and you'll go someway to imaging the pace of this song's opening verse. It settles down toward the mid section, with some more thick, chugging riffs and crashing cymbals, before peaking at the point of utter madness. As it dies down amongst feedback and menacing church bells, you'll be found praying on the floor to a god that won't save you, as you're already beyond help.

Six epic, crazed songs with plenty of groove and heft make this a rewarding record. Let It Die pump a lot into just under twelve minutes. Don't let that purple vinyl fool you though, this ain't pretty but my god does it put a grin on your face!

Of course, you can stream this entire 7"for free at Let It Die's bandcamp page below:-

You can also download a digital copy too for just £3.

You can pick up vinyl copies from the following labels - 

Moshtache Records at
Dead Chemists Records at

Church of Fuck who also helped release this 7" have already sold out of their copies!

Let It Dies are at

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