Sunday 4 November 2012

Black Trinity/Cancer Spreading - Split 7"

There's time for me to knock out a couple of quick reviews before my date with armchair sport this afternoon, so here's the first.

This is the recent split that was put out by Greek label Scull Crasher as well as the following collaborators -
Goodbye Mankind, Scimmia Bastarda, Sick Punk productions, Deathcrush distro, Zas records, Aback, Alcoholic Desaster, We Don't Fight It. It features Greek black metal band Black Trinity and Italian crust band Cancer Spreading. Both bands contribute a song each to this release and as they're both new to me, I was eager to check this out.

Tracklist -

1. A Bleak Existence (Black Trinity)

2. A New Dawn's Prophecy (Cancer Spreading)

Starting with Black Trinity. They kick things off with a menacing black metal intro of groaning noises and church bells, before their necro sound kicks in. It's subtly anthemic black metal with blood curdling screams. The instrumentation sits below the vocals and underpins them nicely. It the sort of black metal that could be used to get troops ready for battle, such is it's intensity. The vocals can't be made out, due to their shrieking volume, but the overall sound that Black Trinity produce is really good and the production gives it a massive sense of authenticity and charm. It's also great to here some black metal from another part of the world, that isn't trying to be especially Scandinavian.

Cancer Spreading are a different beast altogether, with a crust-ridden song, which is half the length of Black Trinity's offering. The guitars chug along at a decent pace and the drums are furious. The vocals are low and there are some nice, screaming solos to keep you entertained. The vocals do lean slightly towards black metal, but there's also a death metal element to their sound too. It's really cool when two bands with varying sounds get together a release something, as it gives fans an opportunity to listen to bands they wouldn't have otherwise heard.

A great split from two different stylistic bands, which gives you a good excuse to take the left hand path and bask in unholy music from two awesome European bands.

You can stream and download this split for free via the Scull Crasher bandcamp page below:-

You can also pick up physical copies of this release from Scull Crasher Records at

Goodbye Mankind can be found at
Scimmia Bastarda are at 
Sick Punk Productions are at 
Death Crush Records/Distro are at
Zas Records are at
Aback Records are at
Alcoholic Desaster are at
We Don't Fight It are at  
Black Trinity have blog at
Cancer Spreading are on Facebook at

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