Sunday 4 November 2012

2 years....who would've thought it!

I figured I ought to write something about my blog reaching the young age of 2 years old. Here goes.....

For a hobby, this blog has grown way beyond my expectations. I never set out with a plan for world domination or anything and I'm still developing m craft, but through it's initial build up as Stay Ahead to it's transformation into This Noise Is Ours, the reception has been amazing.

I still get really excited when new music drops into my inbox or I get comments from people and feel happy that I can reach people from across the globe. Though my posts have been  a bit more sporadic of late, I'm not slowing down and in spite of not having the time I'd like to dedicate to the blog, it will carry on and I will review everything I get until such a point that people start to get bored of!

Stay tuned, as it's starting to explode, so there'll be tonnes more coming your way. Thanks for your support so far.  

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